LG Electronics patents granted on 29 December 2015

54 US patents granted on 29 December 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 9,226,314 Channel access method for very high throughput (VHT) wireless local access network system
2 9,226,293 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in wireless communication system
3 9,226,286 Method and apparatus for allocation of discontinuous uplink resource
4 9,226,283 Scanning method and apparatus in wireless access system
5 9,226,280 Aperiodic transmission method and apparatus for sounding reference signal in wireless communication system
6 9,226,276 Method and device for ACK/NACK transmission in TDD-based wireless communication system
7 9,226,274 Method and apparatus of providing a proximity-based service for public safety
8 9,226,272 Method and apparatus for transmitting channel status information to macro base station by relay node in wireless communication system to which carrier aggregation is applied
9 9,226,247 Method for terminal deciding uplink transmission power in macro cell environment comprising remote radio head (RRH), and terminal apparatus for same
10 9,226,226 Method and apparatus of performing a discovery procedure
11 9,226,198 Method of receiving a point-to-multipoint sevice in a wireless communication system
12 9,226,185 Cell measurement method and terminal
13 9,226,163 Method and apparatus for dynamic station enablement procedure in a wireless local area network system
14 9,226,093 Method for generating recipe information in mobile terminal
15 9,226,020 Electronic device and method for operating the same
16 9,226,014 Method of receiving a broadcasting signal and receiving system for receiving a broadcasting signal
17 9,225,957 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
18 9,225,934 Head mounted display and method of video communication using the same
19 9,225,831 Mobile terminal having auto answering function and auto answering method for use in the mobile terminal
20 9,225,811 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
21 9,225,572 Method of transmitting reference signal and transmitter using the same
22 9,225,571 Method for transmitting preamble for legacy support
23 9,225,503 Method for transmitting/receiving data in wireless communication system and base station for same
24 9,225,497 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in wireless communication system
25 9,225,485 Method and apparatus for controlling inter-cell interference in wireless communication system
26 9,225,470 Method for determining transport block size and signal transmission method using the same
27 9,225,463 Method and apparatus for cancelling interference
28 9,225,450 Method and apparatus for measurement for inter-cell interference coordination in radio communication system
29 9,225,448 Method and apparatus for transmitting ACK/NACK in TDD-based wireless communication system
30 9,225,443 Method for transmitting broadcast service, method for receiving the broadcasting service, and apparatus for receiving the broadcasting service
31 9,225,394 Method and apparatus for receiving a signal from a base station having a plurality of antennas
32 9,224,886 Silicon thin film solar cell
33 9,224,846 Nitride semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
34 9,224,397 Method and electronic device for easily searching for voice record
35 9,224,123 Electric product and method of controlling the same
36 9,223,956 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
37 9,223,785 Mobile terminal displaying page of e-book and background image and controlling method thereof
38 9,223,493 Mobile terminal, electronic device and method of controlling the same
39 9,223,402 Head mounted display and method of controlling digital device using the same
40 9,223,348 Split keyboard modification for a pull-out flexible display
41 9,222,722 Refrigerator and water tank assembly for refrigerator
42 9,222,721 Clean water filter assembly of refrigerator
43 9,222,715 Refrigerator and control method thereof
44 9,222,644 Optical assembly, backlight unit having the same, and display apparatus thereof
45 9,222,475 Scroll compressor with back pressure discharge
46 D746,521 Washing machine
47 D746,338 Speaker equipped with blu-ray disc player
48 D746,297 Display screen of a multimedia terminal with a transitional graphical user interface
49 D746,284 Tablet computer
50 D746,283 Tablet computer
51 D746,282 Tablet computer
52 D746,281 Tablet computer
53 D746,247 Mobile phone
54 D746,245 Mobile phone