LG Electronics patents granted on 29 March 2011

38 US patents granted on 29 March 2011 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D635,313 Washing machine
2 D635,116 Mobile phone
3 7,917,958 Recording medium with copy protection indicating information and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, reproducing and restricting reproduction of the recording medium
4 7,917,929 Remote reservation recording control system and method thereof
5 7,917,928 Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
6 7,917,926 Information descriptor and extended information descriptor data structures for digital television signals
7 7,917,827 Method of encoding and decoding using LDPC code and apparatus thereof
8 7,917,663 Method for confirming connection state of a home appliance in home network system
9 7,917,586 Method and apparatus to forward a multimedia message
10 7,917,476 Device management system using log management object and method for generating and controlling logging data therein
11 7,917,183 Method of controlling idle mode in broadband wireless access system
12 7,917,162 Mobile terminal and method for managing message thereof
13 7,917,138 SUPL initialization message in a location information system and method and system for processing SUPL by using the same
14 7,917,125 Method and apparatus for managing message history data for a mobile communication device
15 7,917,121 Method of executing handover in broadband wireless access system
16 7,917,094 Method and apparatus for overhead reduction of signaling messages
17 7,916,792 Apparatus and method for VLD buffer management
18 7,916,787 Method of processing a current field macroblock
19 7,916,786 Method of processing a current field macroblock
20 7,916,775 Encoding uplink acknowledgments to downlink transmissions
21 7,916,759 Method of generating code sequence and method of transmitting signal using the same
22 7,916,714 Method of performing cell search in wireless communication system
23 7,916,623 Method of allocating wireless resources in a multi-carrier system
24 7,916,473 Portable terminal
25 7,916,125 Touch screen device and method of displaying images thereon
26 7,916,098 Plasma display apparatus and method of driving the same
27 7,915,859 Apparatus and method for controlling power
28 7,915,632 Diode having vertical structure and method of manufacturing the same
29 7,915,606 Semiconductor light emitting device
30 7,915,552 Control panel assembly and method for controlling thereof
31 7,915,153 Passivation film and method of forming the same
32 7,914,713 Ink-based electromagnetic-wave shielding film for display device
33 7,913,523 Heater coupling apparatus of washing machine
34 7,913,522 Water level sensor of steam generating apparatus for washing or drying machine and steam generating apparatus with the same
35 7,913,509 Refrigerator
36 7,913,500 Control method for a refrigerator
37 7,913,353 Vacuum cleaner
38 7,913,340 Method of controlling motor-driven washing machine and control system for the same