LG Electronics patents granted on 29 May 2012

34 US patents granted on 29 May 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE43,439 Method of converting audio data for a portable device and reproducing the converted audio data
2 RE43,419 Method for improving TFCI transportation performance
3 RE43,409 Refrigerator door having dispenser
4 D660,816 Mobile phone
5 8,191,096 Control device and method for channel searching in image display device
6 8,190,979 Digital broadcasting system and data processing method
7 8,190,896 Conditional access for a multimedia broadcast service using a wireless terminal
8 8,190,169 Method of canceling location information request
9 8,190,144 Effective system information reception method
10 8,190,094 Method for reducing inter-cell interference
11 8,190,081 Broadcast receiver and method of processing data
12 8,190,004 Recording/playing device and method for processing broadcast signal
13 8,189,999 Method of reproducing a still picture from a recording medium, method of decoding the still picture and the recording medium
14 8,189,699 Method for transmitting ACK/NACK signal and method for establishing the signal transmission
15 8,189,622 Method for transmitting pilot allocation information to user equipment in a multi-user multiple input multiple output system
16 8,189,556 Packet transmitting method in mobile communication system
17 8,189,537 Method for reconfiguring radio link in wireless communication system
18 8,189,493 Method for triggering a measurement report of mobile terminal
19 8,189,135 LED back-light unit and liquid crystal display device using the same
20 8,189,116 Digital television transmitter and method of coding data in digital television transmitter
21 8,188,992 Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
22 8,188,942 Light emitting device
23 8,188,939 Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
24 8,188,365 Electrode paste for solar cell, solar cell using the paste, and fabrication method of the solar cell
25 8,187,761 Power supply apparatus and method for line connection type fuel cell system
26 8,186,979 Capacity varying type rotary compressor and refrigeration system having the same
27 8,186,970 Scroll compressor including a fixed scroll and a orbiting scroll
28 8,186,958 Fan
29 8,186,782 Door apparatus of refrigerator and damping apparatus of the same
30 8,186,591 Contactless management between a smart card and mobile terminal
31 8,186,185 Drum type washing machine
32 8,186,184 Washing-drying/drying machine
33 8,186,176 Ice bank for refrigerator
34 8,186,006 Dust separation apparatus of vacuum cleaner