LG Electronics patents granted on 30 July 2013

33 US patents granted on 30 July 2013 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D687,084 Projector
2 D687,013 Docking speaker
3 D687,012 Docking speaker
4 8,499,317 Mobile terminal and method of controlling a broadcast content display therein
5 8,499,258 Touch input gesture based command
6 8,499,011 Encoding method and apparatus and decoding method and apparatus
7 8,498,670 Mobile terminal and text input method thereof
8 8,498,664 Method and apparatus for handling barred cell in wireless communication system
9 8,498,649 Method for wireless communication between user equipment and base station in wireless communication system supporting first user equipment that uses single frequency band and second user equipment that uses plurality of frequency bands
10 8,498,646 Method and device for transmitting IWS in a wireless communication system
11 8,498,522 Multimedia data recording/playing device and driving method thereof
12 8,498,516 Personal video recorder and control method thereof for combining first and second video streams
13 8,498,515 Recording medium and recording and reproducing method and apparatuses
14 8,498,513 Method of controlling devices and tuner device
15 8,498,421 Method for encoding and decoding multi-channel audio signal and apparatus thereof
16 8,498,345 Method for transmitting control information, and method for generating codeword for the same
17 8,498,337 Method for decoding and encoding a video signal
18 8,498,298 Digital broadcasting system and method for transmitting and receiving digital broadcast signal
19 8,498,277 Apparatus and method of transmitting/receiving MBMS
20 8,498,274 Method for transmitting packets in a mobile station
21 8,498,263 Method for transmitting a control signal in a radio communication system
22 8,498,257 Method for transmitting data according to dynamic resource request
23 8,498,256 Method for allocating resources for edge-users using cooperative MIMO
24 8,498,244 Method of reporting channel quality in EGPRS system
25 8,498,239 Method for mapping a subband/miniband in a wireless communication system, and apparatus for the same
26 8,498,232 Method of transmitting data in wireless communication system
27 8,498,198 Method and apparatus of transmitting scheduling request in wireless communication system
28 8,497,882 Mobile terminal and user interface of mobile terminal
29 8,497,837 Portable device and control method thereof
30 8,497,644 Refrigerator and method for controlling the same
31 8,496,453 Linear compressor
32 8,495,891 Refrigerator related technology
33 8,495,822 Heat pump module and drying apparatus using the same