LG Electronics patents granted on 30 June 2009

23 US patents granted on 30 June 2009 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D595,397 Wall-installed type air conditioner
2 D595,315 Refrigerator
3 D595,295 Display for computer
4 D595,255 Cellular phone
5 D595,253 Mobile phone
6 D595,163 Car navigation terminal
7 7,555,761 Optical pick-up actuator
8 7,555,312 Detachable mobile terminal for image communication and operating method thereof
9 7,555,280 Apparatus for frequency direct conversion reception in mobile communication terminal and method thereof
10 7,555,200 Recording medium having a data structure for managing a data stream recorded on the recording medium and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
11 7,555,120 Slide type mobile terminal
12 7,555,080 Digital broadcasting receiving system and equalizing method thereof
13 7,555,066 E8-VSB reception system
14 7,555,010 Method for selecting transport format combination guaranteed QoS in mobile communication system
15 7,554,985 Packet transmission in a wireless communication system using multiple antennas
16 7,554,891 Method and apparatus for recording or reproducing on or from optical medium using SBM information
17 7,554,595 Mobile terminal having rotatable camera and swivel hinge structure
18 7,554,536 Picture displaying method and apparatus of a personal information terminal
19 7,553,137 Discharge valve assembly of reciprocating compressor
20 7,552,983 Door basket refrigerator
21 7,552,738 Dishwasher and door locking device for the same
22 7,552,597 Refrigerator
23 7,552,506 Filter assembly for vacuum cleaner