LG Electronics patents granted on 30 September 2014

65 US patents granted on 30 September 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D714,502 Door for drum washing machines
2 D714,389 Signage
3 D714,362 Refrigerator
4 D714,361 Refrigerator
5 D714,360 Refrigerator
6 D714,356 Refrigerator
7 D714,344 Home theater
8 D714,280 Case for mobile phones
9 D714,273 Mobile phone
10 D714,245 Cellular phone
11 D714,244 Cellular phone
12 8,850,560 Mobile device and control method thereof
13 8,850,493 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in the digital broadcasting system
14 8,850,487 Display device and method for providing content using the same
15 8,850,484 Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology
16 8,850,340 Mobile terminal and method of providing user interface using the same
17 8,850,333 Mobile terminal and display controlling method thereof
18 8,849,992 System and method for scheduling device management
19 8,849,568 Portable terminal and method for providing network contents using a portable terminal
20 8,849,356 Mobile device displaying instant message and control method of mobile device
21 8,849,355 Mobile terminal capable of providing multiplayer game and method of controlling operation of the mobile terminal
22 8,849,268 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
23 8,849,263 Efficient handover execution method of terminal in broadband wireless access system including multiple femto base stations
24 8,848,967 Mobile terminal
25 8,848,840 Control information receiving method in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
26 8,848,822 Feedback method for interference alignment in wireless network
27 8,848,818 Apparatus and method for generating codebook in wireless communication system
28 8,848,797 Method of determining motion vectors for a bi-predictive image block
29 8,848,796 Method of determining motion vectors for bi-predictive image block
30 8,848,763 Method and device for transmitting uplink control information in wireless communication system
31 8,848,732 Method of controlling connection between nodes in digital interface
32 8,848,698 Scheduling method in multiple access system and apparatus using the same
33 8,848,685 Transmitting/receiving system and method of processing data in the transmitting/receiving system
34 8,848,684 Bi-directional packet data transmission system and method
35 8,848,680 Method and apparatus for transmitting a frame in a wireless RAN system
36 8,848,678 Method of performing HARQ in wireless communication system
37 8,848,672 Method and device for providing control information for uplink transmission in wireless communication system supporting uplink multi-antenna transmission
38 8,848,662 Method of performing a handover procedure in wireless communication system
39 8,848,649 Method for transmitting an uplink signal, and apparatus for same
40 8,848,643 Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink control information in wireless communication system for supporting multi-carriers
41 8,848,642 Aperiodic transmission method and apparatus for sounding reference signal in wireless communication system
42 8,848,633 Channel-sounding method using a plurality of antennas, and apparatus for same
43 8,848,629 Method and apparatus for the transmission of a control signal in a radio communication system
44 8,848,627 Method for allocating control channel
45 8,848,616 Method for transmitting ACK/NACK signal in wireless communication system applied carrier aggregation and apparatus therefor
46 8,848,600 Method and apparatus for efficiently transmitting control information to support uplink multiple antenna transmission
47 8,848,597 Channel status information feedback method and apparatus in wireless communication system with relay station
48 8,848,592 Method and apparatus for supporting CSG service in wireless communication system
49 8,848,580 Resource allocation method for backhaul link and access link in a wireless communication system including relay
50 8,848,542 Method for efficiently performing coverage loss operation during sleep mode in a broadband wireless access system
51 8,848,510 Efficient control information transmission method and apparatus for supporting multiple antenna transmission technique
52 8,848,108 Video display device and control method thereof
53 8,848,038 Method and device for converting 3D images
54 8,847,996 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
55 8,847,994 Method for controlling screen display and display device using the same
56 8,847,953 Apparatus and method for head mounted display indicating process of 3D printing
57 8,847,850 Head mounted display device for displaying augmented reality image capture guide and control method for the same
58 8,847,746 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
59 8,847,557 Mobile terminal and USB dedicated charger determining method thereof
60 8,847,133 Door for ventilation hooded microwave oven and cooling system for the same
61 8,845,105 Image projector having two opposing linearly polarized optical systems
62 8,844,983 Connection support device and refrigerator having the same
63 8,844,327 Control method of a laundry machine
64 8,844,317 Compressor and refrigerating machine having the same
65 8,844,081 Method of controlling the opening of door of laundry treatment machine