LG Electronics patents granted on 31 January 2012

36 US patents granted on 31 January 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE43,153 Method of doing a broadcast service of a short message in a communication system
2 D653,239 Home theater speaker
3 D653,227 Cellular phone
4 D653,217 Remote jack pack
5 D653,071 Oven range
6 8,108,757 Method for effectively transmitting control signal in wireless communication system
7 8,108,707 Method for ensuring synchronous presentation of additional data with audio data
8 8,108,706 Method for ensuring synchronous presentation of additional data with audio data
9 8,108,219 Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding audio signal
10 8,108,017 Portable terminal
11 8,107,980 Transmitting and receiving of SMS messages using a mobile terminal to/from a foreign country
12 8,107,979 Mobile terminal for performing instant messaging service
13 8,107,958 Method of updating channel information in mobile internet system, and mobile communication terminal and mobile internet system using the same
14 8,107,792 Recording medium having a data structure for backing up management files and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
15 8,107,790 Digital broadcasting system and data processing method
16 8,107,629 Method of providing security for relay station
17 8,107,456 Method of performing uplink synchronization in wireless communication system
18 8,107,455 Method for transmitting data in multiple antenna system
19 8,107,445 Method for constructing RACH preamble and method for transmitting RACH signal
20 8,107,413 Method for allocating multiple radio communication periods
21 8,107,394 Method for retransmitting data in the multi-carrier system
22 8,107,389 Conditional procedure handling in a wireless communication system
23 8,107,336 Write once optical disc, and method and apparatus for recovering disc management information from the write once optical disc
24 8,106,887 Display apparatus and method for mobile terminal
25 8,106,883 Mobile terminal and method for moving a cursor and executing a menu function using a navigation key
26 8,106,786 Terminal including light emitting device, method of notifying selection of item using the terminal, and method of notifying occurrence of event using the terminal
27 8,106,677 Signal transmitting device suited to fast signal transmission
28 8,106,417 Vertical topology light emitting device using a conductive support structure
29 8,106,334 Electric oven having convection cover formed with sub-outlets
30 8,104,852 Refrigerator
31 8,104,628 Dishwasher rack having slidably coupled tine holder and tine rack
32 8,104,489 Dishwasher
33 8,104,312 Panel assembly of a washing machine
34 8,104,304 Ice making device for refrigerator
35 8,104,301 Refrigerant valve control device and control method thereof
36 8,104,192 Laundry dryer