LG Electronics patents granted on 31 March 2015

49 US patents granted on 31 March 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D725,785 Biometric measuring device
2 D725,758 Portable air conditioner
3 D725,686 Refrigerator
4 D725,654 Head mounted display device
5 D725,653 Head mounted display device
6 D725,649 Monitor integrated computer
7 D725,643 Case for cellular phone
8 D725,641 Mobile phone
9 D725,621 TV receiver
10 D725,616 LCD monitor
11 D725,615 Television receiver with computer main body
12 8,997,237 Display apparatus and the using restriction method thereof
13 8,997,182 Legacy device registering method, data transferring method and legacy device authenticating method
14 8,997,158 Method for processing targeting descriptor in non-real-time receiver
15 8,997,152 Information descriptor and extended information descriptor data structures for digital television signals
16 8,997,147 Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same
17 8,996,999 Mobile terminal determining whether to transmit display data according to privacy property, and controlling method thereof
18 8,996,021 Method and device for transmitting/receiving identifier for no-mobility mobile station in idle state in wireless communication system
19 8,996,007 Method and apparatus for reassigning frequency resource in a femto base station during handover
20 8,995,971 Mobile communication terminal and web page control method thereof
21 8,995,964 Schedule managing apparatus and method in mobile terminal
22 8,995,930 Method for creating a channel between femto base stations based on user equipment
23 8,995,910 Antenna and mobile terminal having the same
24 8,995,906 M2M equipment, base station, and method for performing scheduling delay
25 8,995,551 Apparatus and method for generating codebook in a wireless communication system
26 8,995,537 Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink control information in a wireless communication system
27 8,995,432 Method and apparatus for monitoring downlink control channel
28 8,995,384 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in a wireless communcation system
29 8,995,373 Method for transmitting channel state information in wireless access system
30 8,995,368 Method for transmitting control information in a carrier aggregation system, receiving method, and terminal
31 8,995,364 Method in which a receiver transmits control information in a wireless communication system
32 8,995,362 Resource allocation bitmap configuration method in a group resource allocation method
33 8,995,342 Method of reducing interference between stations in wireless LAN system, and apparatus supporting the same
34 8,995,332 Relay node device for receiving control information from a base station and method therefor
35 8,995,329 Method for detecting HARQ/NACK feedback signal from repeater
36 8,995,315 Method of calculating C value used for uplink power control
37 8,995,313 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information
38 8,995,297 Method for controlling downlink transmission power and apparatus for same
39 8,995,261 Method and apparatus of network traffic offloading
40 8,994,675 Mobile terminal and information processing method thereof
41 8,994,651 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
42 8,994,042 Display panel and display device
43 8,993,876 Solar cell and method for manufacturing the same
44 8,993,872 Photovoltaic module
45 8,992,191 Scroll compressor with differential pressure hole
46 8,991,953 Refrigerator with drawer sealing apparatus
47 8,991,385 Cooking appliance
48 8,991,205 Refrigerator door
49 8,991,200 Air conditioner and method of operating an air conditioner