Matsushita patent applications published on 04 May 2006

28 US patent applications published on 04 May 2006 and assigned to Matsushita

1 20060095727 Information processing device and information processing method
2 20060095493 Equivalent material constant calculation system, storage medium storing an equivalent material constant calculation program, equivalent material constant calculation method, design system, and structure manufacturing method
3 20060094468 Base station apparatus and communication terminal apparatus
4 20060094367 Communication terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, and radio communication method
5 20060094365 Channel simulator and wireless apparatus evaluation method
6 20060094204 Planarization material, anti-reflection coating material, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device thereby
7 20060093265 Ultrafast laser machining system and method for forming diffractive structures in optical fibers
8 20060093235 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
9 20060093153 Speaker driving device and audio output system
10 20060092972 Multiple harq processes hangling method
11 20060092966 Internet portal system and method employing handheld device that connects to broadcast source
12 20060092922 IP telephone apparatus, ENUM server, terminal apparatus and IP telephone system
13 20060092812 Optical device and method of manufacturing the same
14 20060092775 Content receiving apparatus and method
15 20060092671 Semiconductor device for controlling switching power supply and switching power supply unit using the same
16 20060092493 Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus provided with the same
17 20060092336 Illumination optical system, projection video system using the same, and integral-type video display
18 20060092326 Transmission method and transmitter circuit
19 20060092322 Audio signal delay apparatus and method
20 20060092319 Image pickup apparatus
21 20060092123 Display device, electronic paper and electronic paper file
22 20060092048 Semiconductor device
23 20060091814 Light-emitting display device
24 20060091789 Phosphor element and display device
25 20060091563 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
26 20060091550 Method of analyzing operation of semiconductor integrated circuit device, analyzing apparatus used in the same, and optimization designing method using the same
27 20060091534 Chip part manufacturing method and chip parts
28 20060090517 Press die of disk with shaft shaped portion