Matsushita patents granted on 01 April 2008

65 US patents granted on 01 April 2008 and assigned to Matsushita

1 RE40,209 Cell potential measurement apparatus having a plurality of microelectrodes
2 RE40,206 Communication system
3 D565,757 Light emitting diode lamp unit
4 D565,756 Lighting apparatus
5 D565,755 Lighting apparatus
6 D565,754 Lighting apparatus
7 D565,753 Lighting apparatus
8 D565,752 Lighting apparatus
9 D565,650 Multi-function printer
10 D565,631 LCD video projector
11 D565,630 LCD video projector
12 D565,629 LCD video projector
13 D565,620 Video camera with hard disc recorder
14 D565,565 Portable computer
15 D565,564 Portable computer
16 D565,563 Portable computer
17 D565,562 Portable computer
18 D565,561 Portable computer
19 D565,559 Display with digital video disc player for automobile
20 D565,552 Speaker
21 D565,551 Speaker
22 D565,548 Speaker
23 D565,535 Digital audio disc player for an automobile
24 D565,522 Television receiver
25 7,353,543 Contents distribution system
26 7,353,483 Element arrangement check device and printed circuit board design device
27 7,353,451 Meta data creation apparatus and meta data creation method
28 7,353,314 Time-out control apparatus, terminal unit, time-out control system and time-out procedure
29 7,353,185 Electronic toll collection system for toll road
30 7,353,108 Method and apparatus for transmitting position information on a digital map
31 7,353,012 Wireless communication equipment and wireless communication method
32 7,352,910 Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and image enlarging method
33 7,352,869 Apparatus for and method of actively controlling vibratory noise, and vehicle with active vibratory noise control apparatus
34 7,352,822 Telephone for transmitting an uplink signal to a base station and for receiving first and second downlink signals from the base station, and a base station for receiving an uplink signal from a telephone and transmitting first and second downlink signals to the telephone
35 7,352,716 Wireless network having IEEE802.11h-incompliant terminal wireless device communicating with IEEE802.11h-compliant base wireless device
36 7,352,684 Information medium and information recording and reproducing device
37 7,352,664 Optical element, optical head, optical recording reproducing apparatus and optical recording/reproducing method
38 7,352,494 Pixel block data generating device and pixel block data generating method
39 7,352,399 Solid-state imaging device driving method
40 7,352,388 Camera calibrating apparatus
41 7,352,342 Plasma display apparatus
42 7,352,322 GPS-based positioning system for mobile GPS terminals
43 7,352,279 Rule based intelligent alarm management system for digital surveillance system
44 7,352,150 Stepping motor driving apparatus and stepping motor driving method
45 7,352,144 Motor driving device having MOSFET, MOSFET, and motor having MOSFET
46 7,352,136 DC-DC converter with reduced surge voltage and an electronic ballast including the converter for a discharge lamp
47 7,352,020 Solid-state image pickup device, and manufacturing method thereof
48 7,351,931 Switching power supply apparatus and electronic device using the same
49 7,351,928 Key input device
50 7,351,922 Touch panel and the manufacturing method
51 7,351,918 Surface-mount base for electronic element
52 7,351,906 Method of manufacturing crystalline film, method of manufacturing crystalline-film-layered substrate, method of manufacturing thermoelectric conversion element, and thermoelectric conversion element
53 7,351,539 Discrimination method of target base in DNA, and allele specific primer used in the method of the same
54 7,351,493 Battery pack
55 7,351,443 Electron-emmiting material and manufacturing method therefor
56 7,351,077 Electric power tool
57 7,350,975 Hydrodynamic bearing device and spindle motor
58 7,350,684 Apparatus and method for forming bump
59 7,350,384 Door device equipped with lock
60 7,350,366 Heat pump
61 7,350,317 Electrostatic atomizing hairdryer and electrostatic atomizer
62 7,350,300 Shaver
63 7,350,289 Component feeding head apparatus, for holding a component arrayed
64 7,350,287 Voice coil insertion jig, speaker producing method using the jig, and speaker produced by using the jig
65 7,350,285 Method of manufacturing a switch panel to be disposed close to a magnetic sensor