Matsushita patents granted on 02 May 2006

51 US patents granted on 02 May 2006 and assigned to Matsushita

1 7,039,746 Interface circuit, disc controller, disc drive apparatus and interface control method
2 7,039,686 Music-data reproducing system using a download program
3 7,039,572 Method of analyzing electromagnetic interference
4 7,039,566 Method of estimating a lifetime of hot carrier of MOS transistor, and simulation of hot carrier degradation
5 7,039,396 Receiver for receiving attribute information of the program
6 7,039,373 Wireless communication apparatus and transmission power control method thereof
7 7,039,297 Recording/reproducing method suitable for recording/reproducing AV data on/from disc, recorder and reproducer for the method, information recording disc and information processing system
8 7,039,285 Method of manufacturing photonic crystal, mask, method of manufacturing mask and method of manufacturing optical device
9 7,039,279 Optical filter module and manufacturing method thereof
10 7,039,236 Image processor and pattern recognition apparatus using the image processor
11 7,039,095 Receiving apparatus and gain control method
12 7,039,003 Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
13 7,038,999 Multi-layer optical information recording medium with pits or grooves
14 7,038,993 Optical disc medium having a plurality of sector groups, a recording method thereof and recorder
15 7,038,987 Optical disk device
16 7,038,983 Data reproduction apparatus having a variable synchronization detection window
17 7,038,978 Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus for recording information bits into an optical disk in a three dimensional arrangement
18 7,038,967 Semiconductor apparatus capable of performing refresh control
19 7,038,962 Semiconductor integrated circuit
20 7,038,877 Head positioning apparatus
21 7,038,869 Recording control apparatus, recording and reproduction apparatus, and recording control method
22 7,038,750 Liquid crystal display element, optically anisotropic film, and production methods of the same
23 7,038,737 Image processing device
24 7,038,723 Solid state imaging device, method for driving the same and camera using the same
25 7,038,635 Antenna, and communication device using the same
26 7,038,557 Antenna duplexer and mobile communication device using the same
27 7,038,484 Display device
28 7,038,397 Cold cathode fluorescent lamp driver circuit
29 7,038,391 Backlight device and a backlighting element
30 7,038,384 High pressure discharge lamp, method for producing the same and lamp unit
31 7,038,368 Color picture tube apparatus having a pair of bar shaped magnets for correcting misconvergence due to the rotational shift of the electron beams
32 7,038,354 Driving circuit for piezoelectric transformer, cold-cathode tube light-emitting apparatus, liquid crystal panel and device with built-in liquid crystal panel
33 7,038,310 Power module with improved heat dissipation
34 7,038,206 Infrared sensor and imager with differential ferroelectric cells
35 7,038,195 Photoelectric device
36 7,038,147 Input device and automobile vehicle using the same
37 7,038,146 Fixing device including a screw arranged with clearance in a fixing hole, and a weight measuring apparatus using the same
38 7,037,817 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
39 7,037,743 Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
40 7,037,733 Method for measuring temperature, annealing method and method for fabricating semiconductor device
41 7,037,728 Fine particle film and producing method of the same
42 7,037,413 Optical information recording medium, producing method thereof and method of recording/erasing/reproducing information
43 7,037,371 Method for fabricating semiconductor device
44 7,037,156 Method of manufacturing a plasma display panel with adsorbing an impurity gas
45 7,037,002 Optical component and method of manufacturing the same
46 7,036,936 Display system
47 7,036,221 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor element-mounting board
48 7,036,213 Device and method for mounting parts
49 7,036,205 Method of manufacturing stator for brushless motors
50 D520,151 Fluorescent lamp
51 D520,023 Pump