Matsushita patents granted on 03 April 2007

49 US patents granted on 03 April 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 D539,992 Combined dish washing machine and drying machine
2 D539,979 Depilator
3 D539,842 Ink ribbon cassette for video printer
4 D539,756 Lighting controller
5 D539,733 Charger
6 7,200,849 Optical head and optical disc drive
7 7,200,814 Reproduction apparatus
8 7,200,788 Radio reception system that inhibits transmission of acknowledgment or negative acknowledgment signal for a data channel when control information of a control channel exceeds a reception capability of a receiver
9 7,200,562 Multimedia data decoder
10 7,200,558 Prosody generating device, prosody generating method, and program
11 7,200,411 Portable information terminal and communication system
12 7,200,409 On-board communication terminal and information service center communicating with on-board communication terminal
13 7,200,312 Optical waveguide device
14 7,200,248 Eye image pickup apparatus and entry/leave management system
15 7,200,241 Loudspeaker
16 7,200,177 Multi-carrier transmission apparatus, multi-carrier reception apparatus, and multi-carrier radio communication method
17 7,200,102 Optical recording medium and recording method for the same
18 7,200,085 Recordable data storage medium including property data
19 7,200,025 Semiconductor memory device
20 7,199,969 Shock protection cushioning apparatus for protecting a hard disk drive from a shock by utilizing a zero-gravity sensor
21 7,199,962 Systems using extended servo patterns with multi-pass servowriting and self-servowriting
22 7,199,949 Optical pickup device and optical disk device
23 7,199,840 Dynamic gray scale range adjustment apparatus and method
24 7,199,834 Vertical synchronizing signal generation apparatus and video signal processing apparatus
25 7,199,827 Amplified solid-state image pickup device and image pickup system using the same
26 7,199,816 Device and method for picking up image of component, and component mounting apparatus
27 7,199,776 Image display method and apparatus
28 7,199,775 Display device array substrate and display device
29 7,199,759 Antenna module
30 7,199,734 Information-processing apparatus including wireless communication device
31 7,199,693 Choke coil and electronic device using the same
32 7,199,677 Frequency modulation apparatus
33 7,199,652 Amplifier; and transmitter and communication device incorporating the same
34 7,199,636 Active diode
35 7,199,635 High-frequency switching device and semiconductor
36 7,199,523 Cold cathode fluorescent lamp and backlight unit
37 7,199,508 Coaxial flexible piezoelectric cable polarizer, polarizing method, defect detector, and defect detecting method
38 7,199,411 Solid-state imaging device and camera
39 7,199,340 High frequency heating apparatus with steam generator
40 7,199,064 Plasma processing method and apparatus
41 7,199,014 Field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
42 7,198,996 Component built-in module and method for producing the same
43 7,198,978 Method for fabricating semiconductor device and apparatus for fabricating the same
44 7,198,961 Method for modifying existing micro-and nano-structures using a near-field scanning optical microscope
45 7,198,888 Water-soluble material, chemically amplified resist and pattern formation method using the same
46 7,198,829 Conductive organic thin film, process for producing the same, electronic device employing the same, electrical cable, electrode, pyrrolyl compound, and theienyl compound
47 7,198,671 Layered substrates for epitaxial processing, and device
48 7,198,534 Method for manufacturing high-pressure discharge lamp, glass tube for high-pressure discharge lamp, and lamp element for high-pressure discharge lamp
49 7,197,820 Circuit board and its manufacturing method