Matsushita patents granted on 03 July 2007

43 US patents granted on 03 July 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 7,240,309 Design check system, design check method and design check program
2 7,240,286 Content editing apparatus, content editing method, content editing program, and computer-readable storage medium
3 7,240,007 Speaker authentication by fusion of voiceprint match attempt results with additional information
4 7,239,997 Apparatus for statistical LSI delay simulation
5 7,239,799 Program recording apparatus and program recording medium
6 7,239,709 Data recording/reproducing method, data recording/reproducing system, recording apparatus
7 7,239,663 Image capture and transmission system
8 7,239,601 Optical recording medium, method of manufacturing optical recording medium, apparatus for manufacturing optical recording medium, program, and medium
9 7,239,595 Spherical aberration correction control device and optical disc apparatus
10 7,239,588 Method and apparatus for detecting foreign body on object surface, and optical disk apparatus
11 7,239,586 Optical disk device and recording power determining method
12 7,239,583 Tracking error detection apparatus
13 7,239,572 Multiport memory
14 7,239,563 Semiconductor device for outputting data read from a read only storage device
15 7,239,546 Semiconductor device with a nonvolatile semiconductor memory circuit and a plurality of IO blocks
16 7,239,448 Light quantity distribution control element and optical apparatus using the same
17 7,239,414 Data processing control apparatus, data processing control method and system thereof
18 7,239,344 Camera and device for switching optical filters
19 7,239,217 Antenna duplexer
20 7,239,205 High frequency amplifier circuit and mobile communication terminal using the same
21 7,239,200 Power amplifying apparatus
22 7,239,147 Method and device for inspecting secondary battery precursor and method for manufacturing secondary battery using the inspection method
23 7,239,086 Plasma display panel including dielectric layer that does not cover part of a discharge gap
24 7,239,021 Stacked chip semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
25 7,239,018 Composition for forming a porous film prepared by hydrolysis and condensation of an alkoxysilane using a trialkylmethylammonium hydroxide catalyst
26 7,238,987 Lateral semiconductor device and method for producing the same
27 7,238,970 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
28 7,238,609 Method for fabricating semiconductor device
29 7,238,542 Manufacturing method for compound semiconductor device
30 7,238,458 Photo conductor, image forming apparatus, and method for producing photo conductor
31 7,238,303 Phosphor and plasma display device
32 7,238,160 Apparatus for measuring biological component
33 7,238,051 PC card
34 7,237,992 Process of machining scroll member by using non-rotary cutting tool
35 7,237,956 Hydrodynamic bearing and disc rotation apparatus using the same
36 7,237,955 Hydrodynamic bearing and disc rotation apparatus using the same
37 7,237,919 Range finder, three-dimensional measuring method and light source apparatus
38 7,237,441 Ultrasonic type fluid measurement device
39 7,237,324 Method for manufacturing chip resistor
40 RE39,711 Display device and luminance control method therefor
41 D545,865 LCD video projector
42 D545,759 Battery
43 D545,610 Induction heating cooker