Matsushita patents granted on 04 December 2007

41 US patents granted on 04 December 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 RE39,932 Semiconductor interconnect formed over an insulation and having moisture resistant material
2 D556,943 Fluorescent lamp
3 D556,729 Cordless telephone base station
4 D556,708 Television receiver
5 D556,707 Television receiver
6 D556,688 Optical communication connector
7 D556,680 Battery for video camera
8 7,305,714 Anti-theft device for computer apparatus and a method for protecting computer apparatus thereby
9 7,305,698 Data communication system, data transmitting apparatus, and data receiving apparatus
10 7,305,628 Display control device and method
11 7,305,568 Backup system for multi-source audio apparatus
12 7,305,499 DMA controller for controlling and measuring the bus occupation time value for a plurality of DMA transfers
13 7,305,484 Media contents distribution system and method
14 7,305,181 Imaging device
15 7,305,175 AV data recording apparatus and method, and disk recorded by the same
16 7,305,170 Information recording medium, apparatus and method for recording or reproducing data thereof
17 7,305,135 Image coding equipment and image coding program
18 7,305,134 Picture coding method and picture decoding method
19 7,305,035 Variable length encoding method and variable length decoding method
20 7,304,997 Reception system for replacing transport packets
21 7,304,978 Medium access control method and system
22 7,304,930 Optical information recording medium and recording method using the same
23 7,304,920 Optical head that detects tilt in an optical disk
24 7,304,918 Servo error signal generation circuit and servo error signal generation method
25 7,304,883 Semiconductor integrated circuit
26 7,304,880 Electric switch and memory device using the same
27 7,304,822 Magnetic head with multilayer film including metal magnetic films and non-magnetic films and magnetic recording/reproducing device
28 7,304,651 Rendering device for generating a display image for drive assistance
29 7,304,621 Display apparatus, source driver and display panel
30 7,304,595 Current output circuit
31 7,304,459 Synchronous rectification mode dc-to-dc converter power supply device
32 7,304,431 Plasma display panel
33 7,304,407 Linear oscillating actuator
34 7,304,350 Threshold voltage control layer in a semiconductor device
35 7,304,341 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
36 7,304,286 Solid-state imaging device, method for manufacturing the same and interline transfer CCD image sensor
37 7,304,279 High-frequency heating apparatus with browning function of food
38 7,304,278 Steam generation function-equipped high-frequency heating device
39 7,303,456 Plasma display panel and method of aging the same
40 7,303,135 Semiconductor memory card and computer readable program
41 7,302,807 Refrigerating cycle device