Matsushita patents granted on 07 August 2007

39 US patents granted on 07 August 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 7,254,826 Broadcast apparatus and reception apparatus that enable additional data to be used without a waiting time when one program changes to another
2 7,254,807 Program conversion apparatus, program conversion method, and computer program for executing program conversion process
3 7,254,705 Service providing system in which services are provided from service provider apparatus to service user apparatus via network
4 7,254,619 Apparatus for outputting individual authentication information connectable to a plurality of terminals through a network
5 7,254,598 Finite impulse response filter and digital signal receiving apparatus
6 7,254,507 Analog circuit automatic calibration system
7 7,254,482 Vehicle information recording system
8 7,254,318 Recording apparatus, recording program, and recording method
9 7,254,316 Data recording method and data recording device using same
10 7,254,240 Active noise control system
11 7,254,147 Laser control method, laser apparatus, laser treatment method used for the same, laser treatment apparatus
12 7,254,125 Receiving apparatus and method of detecting top path in delay profile
13 7,254,107 Optical head and optical recording and reproducing apparatus
14 7,254,100 Optical disk reproducing device selectively using a channel bit frequency or a frequency that is half of the channel bit frequency
15 7,254,088 Semiconductor memory
16 7,254,079 Electrical fuse circuit
17 7,254,072 Semiconductor memory device having hierarchically structured data lines and precharging means
18 7,254,063 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method for reading the same
19 7,253,886 Analysis device and analysis disc used for the same
20 7,253,695 Function generating circuit and temperature characteristic controlling method for function generating circuit
21 7,253,494 Battery mounted integrated circuit device having diffusion layers that prevent cations serving to charge and discharge battery from diffusing into the integrated circuit region
22 7,253,436 Resistance defect assessment device, resistance defect assessment method, and method for manufacturing resistance defect assessment device
23 7,253,399 Solid-state image sensor, manufacturing method for solid-state image sensor, and camera
24 7,252,891 Wiring transfer sheet and method for producing the same, and wiring board and method for producing the same
25 7,252,804 Body fluid measuring adapter and body fluid measuring unit
26 7,252,795 High thermal conductivite element, method for manufacturing same, and heat radiating system
27 7,252,689 Method for fabricating lithium ion secondary battery
28 7,251,906 Drum type washing and drying machine
29 7,251,885 Method of manufacturing circuit forming board to improve adhesion of a circuit to the circuit forming board
30 7,251,861 Electronic equipment
31 D548,353 Electric massager
32 D548,352 Electric massager
33 D548,341 Handheld electric face cleaner
34 D548,334 Oral irrigator
35 D548,229 Television receiver stand
36 D548,228 Television receiver stand
37 D548,226 Television receiver stand
38 D548,185 Connector for photoelectric conversion
39 D548,184 Connector for photoelectric conversion