Matsushita patents granted on 07 March 2006

50 US patents granted on 07 March 2006 and assigned to Matsushita

1 7,010,798 Disk drive
2 7,010,720 Data reception system capable of replacing recording medium
3 7,010,688 Scheme, system and equipment for inter-equipment authentication and key delivery
4 7,010,670 Data processing device that controls an overriding of a subsequent instruction in accordance with a conditional execution status updated by a sequencer
5 7,010,661 Efficient service management in home gateways
6 7,010,545 Environmental load calculation system, environmental load calculation method, environmental load indication article, environment load indication method, program, and medium
7 7,010,533 E-mail preparation device, terminal device, information forwarding system, and program recording medium
8 7,010,515 Text comparison apparatus
9 7,010,372 Semiconductor memory card, apparatus for recording data onto the semiconductor memory card, and apparatus for reproducing data of the semiconductor memory card
10 7,010,328 Wireless communications system, wireless microphone transmission apparatus, and wireless receiving apparatus
11 7,010,323 Radio communication apparatus
12 7,010,281 Array antenna apparatus utilizing a nonlinear distortion compensator circuit
13 7,010,273 High-frequency composite switch module
14 7,010,170 Image coding device and method
15 7,010,105 Format-converting device and private branch exchange system using the same, and format-converting method and memory medium storing a program to allow computer to execute the same method
16 7,010,035 Quantization matrix for still and moving picture coding
17 7,010,006 Light source apparatus and its control method
18 7,009,930 Optical information recording medium, method of recording and reproducing, and optical recording and reproducing system
19 7,009,807 Methods and systems for improved deceleration control for a disk drive
20 7,009,806 Accurate tracking of coil resistance
21 7,009,802 Systems and methods for printed-media SSW reference pattern with extra servo bursts used near OD
22 7,009,797 Method of tagging calibration results with temperature, time and/or voltage
23 7,009,796 Hard disk drive tagging calibration results with temperature, time and/or voltage
24 7,009,737 Image processing method and apparatus
25 7,009,617 On-screen display device
26 7,009,591 Active matrix type display apparatus
27 7,009,587 Gas dischargeable panel
28 7,009,567 Portable radio communication apparatus provided with a part of a housing operating as an antenna
29 7,009,555 GPS-based positioning system for mobile GPS terminals
30 7,009,493 Electronic device with paging for energy curtailment and code generation for manual verification of curtailment
31 7,009,426 Data transmission/reception system
32 7,009,354 Method for spindle bearing friction estimation for reliable disk drive startup operation
33 7,009,334 Fluorescent lamp having meandering discharge path and manufacturing method of the same
34 7,009,216 Semiconductor light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
35 7,009,159 Induction heating apparatus having electrostatic shielding member
36 7,008,865 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a high breakdown voltage and low on-resistance
37 7,008,840 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device with capacitor elements
38 7,008,839 Method for manufacturing semiconductor thin film
39 7,008,714 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
40 7,008,681 Optical information recording medium and manufacturing method and recording/reproducing method for the same
41 7,008,525 Fail judging method and analyzer
42 7,008,078 Light source having blue, blue-green, orange and red LED’s
43 7,007,377 Electronic component placement method
44 7,007,376 Part mounting apparatus and part mounting method
45 7,007,345 Opening and closing device
46 D516,764 Clothes iron
47 D516,599 Digital still camera
48 D516,536 Digital audio disc player for an automobile
49 D516,506 Motor
50 D516,505 Battery case