Matsushita patents granted on 07 October 2008

45 US patents granted on 07 October 2008 and assigned to Matsushita

1 D578,252 Electric depilator
2 D578,074 Connector
3 7,434,255 Encryption error monitoring system and method for packet transmission
4 7,434,248 Broadcast system and apparatus, sync information replacing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium recording the program
5 7,433,907 Signal analyzing method, signal synthesizing method of complex exponential modulation filter bank, program thereof and recording medium thereof
6 7,433,657 Apparatus and method for dynamically clocking a loop filter in a digital communications device
7 7,433,639 Fixing device
8 7,433,471 MPEG-21 digital content protection system
9 7,433,409 Apparatus and method of multiple decoding
10 7,433,380 Semiconductor laser device and method for fabricating the same
11 7,433,317 Network connection apparatus and network connection switching method
12 7,433,290 Complex objective lens, optical head, optical information apparatus, computer, optical disk player, car navigation system, optical disk recorder, and optical disk server
13 7,433,286 Jitter detection apparatus
14 7,433,278 Objective lens drive having a variable stiffness fixing member
15 7,433,277 Wobble demodulator and wobble demodulation method
16 7,433,257 Semiconductor memory device
17 7,433,245 Memory card able to guarantee a recoding rate and memory card system using the memory card
18 7,433,221 Memory system and semiconductor integrated circuit
19 7,433,125 Light quantity distribution control element and optical apparatus using the same
20 7,432,982 OSD insert circuit
21 7,432,947 Apparatus and method of electrophotographic printing employing diffusive light sources and apparatus and method of scanning a document
22 7,432,921 Data processing apparatus
23 7,432,881 Image display apparatus for writing display information with reduced electric consumption
24 7,432,880 Method of driving plasma display panel
25 7,432,857 Adaptive antenna apparatus provided with a plurality of pairs of bidirectional antennas
26 7,432,835 Variable length decoding method and device
27 7,432,765 Variable gain amplifier, mixer and quadrature modulator using the same
28 7,432,678 Motor driving apparatus and control method thereof
29 7,432,670 Device for turning on high-pressure discharge lamp and lighting apparatus equipped with the device
30 7,432,656 Plasma display panel and method for manufacturing same
31 7,432,556 Semiconductor device with dummy conductors
32 7,432,531 Semiconductor device
33 7,432,507 Plastic identifying apparatus and plastic identifying method
34 7,432,484 Current control for high-frequency heating apparatus
35 7,432,004 Fuel cell electric power generating system and method of stopping fuel cell electric power generation
36 7,431,973 Optical information recording medium, and manufacturing method, recording method, and recording apparatus thereof
37 7,431,819 Method and apparatus for releasing metal-resin joint
38 7,431,753 Oxygen enrichment apparatus
39 7,431,718 Skin care device for taking out and removing sebum or other cutaneous impurities
40 7,431,697 Ultrasonic probe
41 7,431,625 Prebroken panel, display, and method of manufacturing the same
42 7,431,624 Method of manufacturing organic EL element
43 7,431,359 Bumper collision sensor
44 7,430,885 Drum type washing machine with angled door opening
45 7,430,801 Connector assembly