Matsushita patents granted on 09 January 2007

48 US patents granted on 09 January 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 D535,028 Blood pressure monitor
2 D534,899 Speaker
3 7,162,726 Disk apparatus
4 7,162,487 Information filtering system and information filtering method
5 7,162,206 Test apparatus, mobile terminal apparatus, test method
6 7,162,147 Data storage medium and apparatus and method for reproducing the data from the same
7 7,162,144 Data recording apparatus, medium and information package
8 7,162,142 Data playback apparatus, data playback method, storage medium, and data structure
9 7,161,958 Radio communication system and multicast communication method
10 7,161,895 OFDM-CDMA communication terminal apparatus and method
11 7,161,890 Optical head device and optical information device using this and computer optical disk player car navigation system optical disk recorder and optical disk server using this optical information device
12 7,161,884 Information disc recording/playback apparatus and method for counting pulses and controlling a rotation speed of an information disc
13 7,161,876 Magneto-optical recording medium, and method for recording information in a recording layer
14 7,161,859 Semiconductor integrated circuit
15 7,161,832 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
16 7,161,815 Constant current drooping switching power supply
17 7,161,762 Magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
18 7,161,742 Small zoom lens, and digital camera and video camera both having same
19 7,161,707 Digital printer
20 7,161,616 Image processing device and monitoring system
21 7,161,588 Touch panel and electronic apparatus using the same
22 7,161,583 Input device and method for detecting contact position
23 7,161,574 Liquid crystal display element driving method and liquid crystal display using the same
24 7,161,555 Dielectric antenna and radio device using the same
25 7,161,519 PWM modulation circuit and class D amplifier using such PWM modulation circuit
26 7,161,508 Variable length coding method and variable length decoding method
27 7,161,503 Mark delivery system, center apparatus, terminal, map data delivery system, center apparatus, and terminal
28 7,161,464 Vehicle security system and method of controlling the same
29 7,161,459 Chip-type electronic component and chip resistor
30 7,161,450 Microwave transmission line having dielectric film layers providing negative space charge effects
31 7,161,371 Module part
32 7,161,352 Beam current measuring device and apparatus using the same
33 7,161,326 Battery-powered electrical device having a detachable battery pack
34 7,161,302 High lamp-power lighting system and fluorescent lamp
35 7,161,298 Plasma display unit
36 7,161,297 Electron emission thin-film, plasma display panel comprising it and method of manufacturing them
37 7,161,287 Green emitting yttrium silicate phosphor and cathode-ray tube using the same
38 7,161,252 Module component
39 7,161,241 Multi-layer board
40 7,161,197 RF switching circuit for use in mobile communication systems
41 7,161,188 Semiconductor light emitting element, semiconductor light emitting device, and method for fabricating semiconductor light emitting element
42 7,161,151 Plastic identifying method
43 7,161,127 Automatic focusing apparatus and automatic focusing method using an index value based on background color information
44 7,161,103 Moveable contact assembly, method of manufacturing the same, and switch using the same
45 7,160,934 Ink for ink-jet recording, and ink cartridge and recording apparatus including the same
46 7,160,863 Transmembrane nfat inhibitory peptide
47 7,160,748 Method for fabricating nitride semiconductor, method for fabricating nitride semiconductor device, and nitride semiconductor device
48 7,160,031 Thrust dynamic pressure bearing, spindle motor using the same, and information recording and reproducing apparatus using them