Matsushita patents granted on 09 September 2008

62 US patents granted on 09 September 2008 and assigned to Matsushita

1 7,424,728 Double-sided recording/reproducing disk drive
2 7,424,724 Disk apparatus having disk insertion detecting levers disposed in plane of disk and rotatable in axial direction relative to disk
3 7,424,648 Nonvolatile memory system, nonvolatile memory device, data read method, and data read program
4 7,424,600 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program conversion apparatus, in which stack memory is used with improved efficiency
5 7,424,578 Computer system, compiler apparatus, and operating system
6 7,424,311 Mounting device for mobile information terminal, and mobile information terminal
7 7,424,259 Fixing apparatus
8 7,424,222 Optical packet exchanger
9 7,424,158 Image predictive coding method
10 7,424,083 PLL noise smoothing using dual-modulus interleaving
11 7,424,072 Receiving apparatus and receiving method
12 7,424,050 Matched filter circuit and correlation calculation method
13 7,424,034 Information converting apparatus
14 7,423,957 Optical information recording medium and method of manufacturing thereof, manufacturing apparatus, recording/reproducing method, and recording/reproducing apparatus
15 7,423,951 Information recording medium, recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, recording method, and reproduction method
16 7,423,948 Phase error detecting circuit and synchronization clock extraction circuit
17 7,423,941 Multi-layered information recording medium, reproduction apparatus, and recording apparatus, with defect list storing areas
18 7,423,886 Electronic member and rotary electronic component
19 7,423,884 Multilayer circuit board
20 7,423,810 Zoom lens system, lens barrel, imaging device and camera
21 7,423,776 Image outputting device from mobile storage medium
22 7,423,715 Liquid crystal display device with retardation layer
23 7,423,691 Method of low latency interlace to progressive video format conversion
24 7,423,658 Image processor, method of providing image processing services and order processing method
25 7,423,622 Display device
26 7,423,616 Plasma display panel drive method
27 7,423,572 Digital-to-analog converter
28 7,423,499 High-frequency switching apparatus
29 7,423,472 Power switching circuit
30 7,423,459 Clock signal switching device, clock signal switching method, data bus switching device, and data bus switching method
31 7,423,418 Module part
32 7,423,380 Metal halide lamp that has desired color characteristic and is prevented from non-lighting due to leakage of arc tube attributable to crack occurring at thin tube, and lighting apparatus adopting the metal halide lamp
33 7,423,376 Plasma display device
34 7,423,370 Arc tube with shortened total length, manufacturing method for arc tube, and low-pressure mercury lamp
35 7,423,368 Plasma display and method of producing phosphor used therein
36 7,423,271 Infrared sensor and method for driving the same
37 7,423,246 Analysis apparatus and analysis disc used for the same
38 7,423,230 Rotary manipulation electronic device
39 7,423,222 Circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
40 7,422,928 Process for fabricating a micro-electro-mechanical system with movable components
41 7,422,925 Solid-state imaging apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
42 7,422,923 Photoelectric transducer and its manufacturing method
43 7,422,825 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
44 7,422,824 Active material of positive electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and process for producing the same
45 7,422,811 Fuel cell life predicting device and fuel cell system
46 7,422,697 Composite sintered magnetic material, its manufacturing method, and magnetic element using composite sintered magnetic material
47 7,422,504 Light-emitting semiconductor device, light-emitting system and method for fabricating light-emitting semiconductor device
48 7,422,503 Plasma display panel and method of manufacturing the same
49 7,422,502 Plasma display panel with superior light-emitting characteristics, and method and apparatus for producing the plasma display panel
50 7,422,423 Refrigerant compressor, and refrigerating machine using the same
51 7,421,781 Method of forming a module component having a plurality of penetration holes
52 7,421,774 Winding method for stator of motor
53 RE40,498 Variable address length compiler and processor improved in address management
54 D576,753 Lighting fixture with light emitting diode
55 D576,749 Fluorescent lamp
56 D576,670 Printer
57 D576,650 Digital still camera
58 D576,617 Portable computer
59 D576,616 Portable computer
60 D576,601 Mobile phone
61 D576,576 Light source of light emitting diode
62 D576,575 Light source of light emitting diode