Matsushita patents granted on 10 January 2006

51 US patents granted on 10 January 2006 and assigned to Matsushita

1 6,986,159 Method and system for receiving and recording digital broadcast programs
2 6,986,095 Error correction device
3 6,986,081 Block interleaving apparatus, block deinterleaving apparatus, block interleaving method and block deinterleaving method
4 6,985,979 Digital data processing device, bus controlling method, bus controlling program and recording medium
5 6,985,908 Text classification apparatus
6 6,985,859 Robust word-spotting system using an intelligibility criterion for reliable keyword detection under adverse and unknown noisy environments
7 6,985,767 Living body information measuring apparatus, living body information measuring method, body fat measuring apparatus, body fat measuring method, and program recording medium
8 6,985,717 Emergency informing apparatus and an emergency informing system
9 6,985,712 RF device and communication apparatus using the same
10 6,985,592 Multipurpose earphone set
11 6,985,538 Digital radio communication system and method
12 6,985,517 Matched filter and correlation detection method
13 6,985,504 Semiconductor laser and method for manufacturing the same
14 6,985,468 Memory circuit and coherent detection circuit
15 6,985,427 Multi-layered optical disk and method of detecting a track
16 6,985,426 Method and apparatus for recording optical information including dummy data, and optical disk having such data recorded thereon
17 6,985,425 Electron beam recorder and method thereof
18 6,985,396 Semiconductor integrated circuit
19 6,985,364 Voltage converter module
20 6,985,363 Card type recording medium and production method therefor
21 6,985,353 Anode body for solid electrolytic capacitor and solid electrolytic capacitor using the same
22 6,985,182 Imaging device with vertical charge transfer paths having appropriate lengths and/or vent portions
23 6,985,132 Display device and method for manufacturing the same
24 6,985,113 Radio antenna apparatus provided with controller for controlling SAR and radio communication apparatus using the same radio antenna apparatus
25 6,985,112 Antenna
26 6,985,062 Coil component and method of producing the same
27 6,985,056 High-frequency circuit and high-frequency package
28 6,985,007 Signal transmitting receiving apparatus
29 6,984,961 Battery assembly system and electric-motor vehicle system using the same
30 6,984,948 Motor control apparatus
31 6,984,943 Method and apparatus for lighting high pressure discharge lamp, high pressure discharge lamp apparatus, and projection-type image display apparatus
32 6,984,938 Metal vapor discharge lamp and lighting apparatus capable of stable maintenance of characteristics
33 6,984,929 Color picture tube apparatus with pincushion distortion correction
34 6,984,926 Compact self-ballasted fluorescent lamp resistant to heat deformation
35 6,984,922 Composite piezoelectric transducer and method of fabricating the same
36 6,984,914 Motor having characteristic structure in armature and disc apparatus
37 6,984,909 Motor
38 6,984,880 Leadframe, resin-molded semiconductor device including the leadframe, method of making the leadframe and method for manufacturing the device
39 6,984,844 Semiconductor device having heterojunction type MIS transistor which can operate at reduced voltage while maintaining high operation speed
40 6,984,805 Arc welder
41 6,984,572 Method for manufacturing electronic component
42 6,984,540 Surface acoustic wave device and method for producing the same
43 6,984,472 Exposure method and apparatus
44 6,984,251 Alkaline storage battery and process for producing the same
45 6,984,159 Plasma display panel with superior light-emitting characteristics, and method and apparatus for producing the plasma display panel
46 6,984,079 Printing system, printer, data output device, printing method
47 6,983,576 Package of cylindrical articles and method for producing the same
48 6,983,544 Method of manufacturing optical device and inspection gauge used for the same
49 6,983,538 Method of mounting component on a circuit board
50 D513,541 Electric shaver
51 D513,501 Combined television and base