Matsushita patents granted on 11 December 2007

40 US patents granted on 11 December 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 D557,452 Base for fluorescent lamp
2 D557,436 Desk lamp
3 D557,318 LCD video projector
4 7,308,692 Feed roller, optical disk carrying unit and optical disk recording/playback device
5 7,308,583 Data distribution system
6 7,308,567 Information processing apparatus for performing a system boot by using programs stored in a non-voltile storage device
7 7,308,478 Communication terminal, server unit, mail incoming notification method and system, and mail sending and receiving method
8 7,308,442 FAQ search engine
9 7,308,401 Encoding device and decoding device
10 7,308,381 Timing verification method for semiconductor integrated circuit
11 7,308,195 Collapsible lens barrel and optical instrument using the same
12 7,308,149 Picture coding method and picture decoding method
13 7,308,145 Moving picture coding method and moving picture decoding method
14 7,308,144 Picture coding method and picture decoding method
15 7,308,143 Picture coding method and picture decoding method
16 7,308,052 Radio transmitter apparatus and modulation scheme selecting method
17 7,307,964 Contactless communication system and data carrier used for the same
18 7,307,944 Communication terminal apparatus and spreading code estimation method
19 7,307,933 Optical disc drive
20 7,307,926 Apparatus and method for tracking control
21 7,307,866 Ferroelectric memory and method for reading data from the ferroelectric memory
22 7,307,797 Zoom lens system, lens barrel, imaging device and camera
23 7,307,683 Liquid crystal display element, optically anisotropic film, and production methods of the same
24 7,307,655 Method and apparatus for displaying a synthesized image viewed from a virtual point of view
25 7,307,597 Antenna
26 7,307,541 Light output device, relay and program for controlling the light output device
27 7,307,465 Step-down voltage output circuit
28 7,307,410 Alternating current detection coil
29 7,307,397 Driving unit
30 7,307,378 In-line type electron gun and color cathode ray tube apparatus using the same
31 7,307,333 Semiconductor device method of generating semiconductor device pattern method of semiconductor device and pattern generator for semiconductor device
32 7,307,292 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
33 7,307,231 Touch panel, method of manufacturing the same, and input device using the same
34 7,306,980 Method for fabricating thin film transistor
35 7,306,965 Oxygen ion conductor device, method for fabricating oxygen ion conductor device, and oxygen concentration control system
36 7,306,695 Apparatus and method for picking up semiconductor chip
37 7,306,675 Method for manufacturing semiconductor substrate
38 7,306,640 Vacuum cleaner
39 7,306,551 Tool exchange device and tool
40 7,305,743 Method of producing piezoelectric ceramic device