Matsushita patents granted on 12 August 2008

39 US patents granted on 12 August 2008 and assigned to Matsushita

1 D574,820 Portable computer
2 D574,633 Television set stand
3 7,412,713 Chucking apparatus
4 7,412,683 Printed wiring board design method, program therefor, recording medium storing the program recorded therein, printed wiring board design device using them and CAD system
5 7,412,679 Semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing method
6 7,412,587 Parallel operation processor utilizing SIMD data transfers
7 7,412,470 Arithmetic processing apparatus
8 7,412,435 Information retrieval apparatus and information retrieval support apparatus
9 7,412,326 Map display device and map display method
10 7,412,292 Remote control apparatus
11 7,412,194 Developing apparatus
12 7,412,154 Digital motion picture decoding apparatus and digital motion picture decoding method
13 7,412,152 Recording medium, reproduction apparatus, recording method, program, and reproduction method
14 7,411,978 Method of transmitting data packets using RTP and RTCP protocols
15 7,411,748 Optical component unit, laser joining method and apparatus for joining optical component
16 7,411,622 Video signal processor
17 7,411,585 Driving voltage generation device and method for controlling driving voltage generation device
18 7,411,570 Method of driving plasma display panel and plasma display panel in which a difference between starting timings of the sustaining time periods in adjacent blocks is set substantially equal to the length of the writing time period in the adjacent blocks
19 7,411,527 Noise shaping quantizer
20 7,411,526 Variable length coding method and variable length decoding method
21 7,411,522 Signal decoding apparatus and signal decoding method
22 7,411,456 AGC circuit
23 7,411,368 Electric motor speed controller for vehicle
24 7,411,366 Electric power-assist system for manually-operated vehicle
25 7,411,351 Arc tube formed from a glass tube and having a spirally wound section within one plane
26 7,411,350 Small arc tube, low-pressure mercury lamp, lighting apparatus, mandrel for forming the arc tube, and production method of the arc tube
27 7,411,329 Permanent magnet synchronous motor including permanent magnet with tapered outer edges and rotor core with opening
28 7,411,232 Semiconductor photodetecting device and method of manufacturing the same
29 7,411,229 Semiconductor device, a manufacturing method thereof, and a camera
30 7,411,180 Solid state image sensor with transparent film on micro-lenses and offsetting positions of micro-lenses and color filters from a central portion of a corresponding light receiving area
31 7,410,930 Recovering catalyst and carrier by exfoliating overcoat layer on the surface of a catalyst layer
32 7,410,722 Combined battery and battery holding frame
33 7,410,721 Positive electrode current collector and manganese dry battery using the same
34 7,410,599 Stable green phosphor and plasma display panel using the same
35 7,410,511 Production method of positive electrode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and positive electrode active material
36 7,410,364 Connector with header connector and socket connector that are mechanically and electrically connected with each other
37 7,410,088 Solder preform for low heat stress laser solder attachment
38 7,410,059 Commodity packaging body
39 7,409,761 Electronic component mounting apparatus and method of mounting electronic components