Matsushita patents granted on 12 February 2008

32 US patents granted on 12 February 2008 and assigned to Matsushita

1 D561,804 Surveillance television camera
2 D561,801 Digital still camera
3 7,330,882 Systems and methods for discovering and interacting with services
4 7,330,881 Music-data reproducing system using a download program
5 7,330,700 Radio apparatus and method for determining the communication timing of a channel quality indicator (CQI) based on CQI update and CQI repetition count information
6 7,330,635 Storage-type broadcast service system and reception storage unit
7 7,330,612 Material for substrate mounting optical circuit-electric circuit mixedly and substrate mounting optical circuit-electric circuit mixedly
8 7,330,496 System and method for spread spectrum communication
9 7,330,454 Method for reserving communication area and radio communication device used for this method
10 7,330,426 Receiver-based RTT measurement in TCP
11 7,330,419 Optical head device and optical information apparatus using the same
12 7,330,418 Optical disk with plural signal mark positions in a direction substantially perpendicular to tracks
13 7,330,412 Method and apparatus for searching for recordable area, and method and apparatus for testing recorded area arrangement
14 7,330,386 Semiconductor memory device
15 7,330,379 Semiconductor memory device having forced fail function of forcing a memory cell at a specific address to fail and method for testing same
16 7,330,374 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, such as an EEPROM or a flash memory, with reference cells
17 7,330,330 Systems for self-servowriting in multiple portions with multiple passes per servowriting step
18 7,330,292 Complex objective lens, optical head, optical information apparatus, computer, optical disk player, car navigation system, optical disk recorder, and optical disk server
19 7,330,189 Information processing system for displaying image on information terminal
20 7,330,166 Plasma display with split electrodes
21 7,330,165 Method of driving plasma display panel
22 7,330,011 Motor driving apparatus
23 7,329,992 Discharge lamp, method for fabricating the same and lamp unit
24 7,329,991 Plasma display panel provided with thinned crystal phosphor material and its corresponding method of manufacturing
25 7,329,989 Plasma display panel and process for producing the plasma display panel
26 7,329,823 Movable contact element and panel switch formed using the same
27 7,329,586 Gapfill using deposition-etch sequence
28 7,329,557 Method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device with P-type diffusion layers
29 7,329,322 Exhaust apparatus, semiconductor device manufacturing system and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
30 7,329,083 Loader and unloader for workpiece
31 7,329,057 Image pickup processing method and image pickup apparatus
32 7,328,474 Electric toothbrush with linear oscillator