Matsushita patents granted on 14 August 2007

40 US patents granted on 14 August 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 7,257,838 Information processing system and information processing method capable of communicating with impermissible protocol
2 7,257,801 Cell library database and timing verification and withstand voltage verification systems for integrated circuit using the same
3 7,257,792 Wiring board design aiding apparatus, design aiding method, storage medium, and computer program
4 7,257,715 Semiconductor integrated circuit
5 7,257,702 Boot time reducing device including boot preparation instructing unit
6 7,257,573 Information display apparatus
7 7,257,534 Speech synthesis system for naturally reading incomplete sentences
8 7,257,457 System and method for monitoring semiconductor production apparatus
9 7,257,423 Base station apparatus and transmission assignment control method
10 7,257,262 Moving image coding method and apparatus for determining a position of a macro block which is intra-coded or inter-coded
11 7,257,139 Semiconductor laser device and optical pickup apparatus using the same
12 7,257,126 Communication terminal containing apparatus, communication terminal apparatus, and radio communication system
13 7,257,073 Optical disc and physical address format
14 7,257,057 Information recording apparatus and information recording method
15 7,257,053 Optical disc apparatus
16 7,257,052 Control apparatus and optical disk apparatus
17 7,256,959 Magnetic disk device
18 7,256,956 Propagation self servowrite using self-written spiral signals for in-process calibration
19 7,256,942 Single lens element, light source device and scanning optical device
20 7,256,844 Liquid crystal display device
21 7,256,837 Baseband video transmission system
22 7,256,757 Organic EL display panel
23 7,256,688 Drive support display apparatus
24 7,256,653 High-frequency power amplifier and communication apparatus
25 7,256,604 Semiconductor device
26 7,256,599 Protection circuit for semiconductor device and semiconductor device including the same
27 7,256,147 Porous body and manufacturing method therefor
28 7,255,974 Pattern formation method
29 7,255,964 Electrode plate unit and battery
30 7,255,963 Non-aqueous electrolyte rechargeable battery
31 7,255,906 Information recording medium and method for producing the same
32 7,255,830 Method of making a three-dimensional sintered product
33 7,255,742 Method of manufacturing Group III nitride crystals, method of manufacturing semiconductor substrate, Group III nitride crystals, semiconductor substrate, and electronic device
34 7,255,450 Projection type display apparatus, rear projector and multi-vision system
35 7,255,154 Cooling device
36 RE39,771 Code conversion method and apparatus, code recording medium, code recording apparatus and code reproducing apparatus
37 D548,766 Wrist strap for a video camera
38 D548,743 Television receiver display layout
39 D548,728 Remote controller for audio player
40 D548,723 Amplifier for an automobile