Matsushita patents granted on 14 October 2008

50 US patents granted on 14 October 2008 and assigned to Matsushita

1 D578,674 Filament for lamp
2 D578,671 Light source of light emitting diode
3 D578,537 Personal computer
4 D578,522 Digital audio disc player for an automobile
5 D578,474 Charger for electric shaver with dryer
6 D578,472 Battery for personal computer
7 7,437,750 Data transceiving system and method therefor
8 7,437,390 Information recording medium, information recording method, information recording apparatus, information reproducing method and information reproducing apparatus
9 7,437,296 Speech recognition dictionary creation apparatus and information search apparatus
10 7,437,132 Receiving device, semiconductor integrated circuit, transmitting/receiving device, transport apparatus portable transmitting/receiving device, communication system and receiving method
11 7,437,121 Method and apparatus for receiving broadcast programs and detecting a change in program information
12 7,437,053 Digital video recorder, method of driving the video recorder and program
13 7,437,042 Fiber coating processing and slitting for non-confined light leakage
14 7,437,009 Image coding apparatus, image coding method, and image coding program for coding at least one still frame with still frame coding having a higher quality than normal frame coding of other frames
15 7,437,008 Image predictive coding method
16 7,436,960 Methods of use of ipmp data for mpeg-n ipmp (intellectual property management and protection)
17 7,436,958 Method of distributed IPMP device messaging and carriage of rights in MPEG IPMP content
18 7,436,929 Radiographic system
19 7,436,898 Integrated circuit (IC) card, data transmission apparatus, data transmission method and computer program of data transmission method
20 7,436,874 Laser device
21 7,436,859 Demultiplexing device
22 7,436,759 Reception apparatus and method, and channel response measurement apparatus for receiving an orthogonal frequency divisional multiplexing signal
23 7,436,697 Memory cell, memory using the memory cell, memory cell manufacturing method, and memory recording/reading method
24 7,436,676 Portable electronic apparatus and BGA package protective device
25 7,436,454 Method and apparatus for transmitting encoded information based upon piority data in the encoded information
26 7,436,445 Image pickup and display device
27 7,436,423 Apparatus and method of making a grayscale photo mask and an optical grayscale element
28 7,436,364 Mobile radio apparatus
29 7,436,344 Pipeline A/D converter
30 7,436,237 Distortion reducing semiconductor switch
31 7,436,213 Level shifter
32 7,436,174 Rotation angle detector having detection heads disposed perpendicular to a rotor
33 7,436,130 Cold-cathode tube lighting device for use in a plurality of cold-cathode tubes lit by two low-impedance power sources
34 7,436,123 Discharge lamp ballast device and lighting appliance
35 7,436,118 Plasma display panel with light-shielding layer
36 7,436,107 Angular velocity sensor and method for manufacturing the same
37 7,436,053 Optical device and method for fabricating the same
38 7,436,031 Device for implementing an inverter having a reduced size
39 7,436,012 Solid state imaging apparatus and method for fabricating the same
40 7,436,010 Solid state imaging apparatus, method for driving the same and camera using the same
41 7,435,995 Phosphor, semiconductor light emitting device, and fabrication method thereof
42 7,435,994 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
43 7,435,896 Thermoelectric conversion material, thermoelectric conversion element using the material, cooling device and electric apparatus using the element, and electric power generation method and cooling method using the element
44 7,435,772 Method and apparatus for removing additives from thermoplastic resin composition
45 7,435,511 Nickel-metal hydride storage battery
46 7,435,507 Lithium ion secondary battery and method for manufacturing the same
47 7,435,295 Method for producing compound single crystal and production apparatus for use therein
48 7,435,003 Fluid dynamic bearing unit
49 7,435,001 Hydrodynamic bearing device, method for manufacturing the same, spindle motor and recording and reproduction apparatus
50 7,434,898 Computer system, computer program, and addition method