Matsushita patents granted on 15 July 2008

41 US patents granted on 15 July 2008 and assigned to Matsushita

1 D572,951 Electric massaging chair
2 D572,950 Electric massaging chair
3 7,401,347 Optical data recording medium with protrusion bonded between center hole and clamping area
4 7,401,346 Optical data recording disc with protrusion between clamping area and center hole
5 7,401,342 Optical disk conveyance system for preventing scratching upon insertion and removal
6 7,401,279 Scan path circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit comprising the scan path circuit
7 7,401,236 Peripheral device and its control method its main body device and its control method and its program
8 7,401,232 Content playback apparatus method and program and key management apparatus and system
9 7,401,174 File system defragmentation and data processing method and apparatus for an information recording medium
10 7,401,170 Communication system, and master apparatus and slave apparatus used in the same, and communication method
11 7,400,868 Automatic tuning apparatus for filter and communication instrument
12 7,400,836 Optical receiving device and optical receiving method
13 7,400,825 Imaging device and method of controlling the same
14 7,400,820 Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method for locating a lost position of auxiliary data
15 7,400,819 Recording medium, recording apparatus and reproduction apparatus
16 7,400,727 Information embedding method, information extracting method, information embedding apparatus, information extracting apparatus, and recording media
17 7,400,725 Information recording medium for recording a scrambled part of content information, and method and apparatus for reproducing information recorded therein
18 7,400,689 Data reception method and apparatus including reception of data in a first transmission and a retransmission
19 7,400,687 Multicarrier communication apparatus and multicarrier communication method
20 7,400,571 Information recording medium, recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, recording method, and reproduction method
21 7,400,519 Switching power supply
22 7,400,512 Module incorporating a capacitor, method for manufacturing the same, and capacitor used therefor
23 7,400,491 Aluminum electrolytic capacitor and method of producing the same
24 7,400,358 Card installation device
25 7,400,353 Solid state image pickup device
26 7,400,305 Waterproof antenna device
27 7,400,275 Encoding/decoding device for compressing or expanding digital data
28 7,400,216 Surface acoustic wave device
29 7,400,199 Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus
30 7,400,143 Magnetic bias film and magnetic sensor using the same
31 7,400,109 Inverter circuit and compressor
32 7,400,045 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
33 7,399,937 Movable-contact unit and panel switch using the same
34 7,399,642 Fine particle film and producing method of the same
35 7,399,555 Non-aqueous electrolytic secondary battery
36 7,399,328 Hydrogen gas station, fuel cell system, and hydrogen gas rate accounting device
37 7,399,297 Skin care device for taking out and removing sebum or other cutaneous impurities
38 7,399,170 Hermetic rotary compressor and refrigerating cycle device using the same
39 7,399,128 Camera control system
40 7,399,098 Illuminating apparatus for operating section
41 7,399,084 Laser image display apparatus