Matsushita patents granted on 17 April 2007

54 US patents granted on 17 April 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 7,207,019 Test circuit inserting method and apparatus for a semiconductor integrated circuit
2 7,206,993 Method and device for decoding Reed-Solomon code or extended Reed-Solomon code
3 7,206,950 Processor system, instruction sequence optimization device, and instruction sequence optimization program
4 7,206,949 System and method for controlling a clock oscillator and power supply voltage based on the energy consumed for processing a predetermined amount of data
5 7,206,894 Microcomputer application system, microcomputer, signal processing system and signal processing LSI
6 7,206,767 Content distribution system and a reference server
7 7,206,668 Article handling system and method and article management system and method
8 7,206,615 Vehicle communication system
9 7,206,606 Wireless communication including diversity transmission and reception
10 7,206,597 Transmission apparatus and auto gain control method
11 7,206,596 Communication terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, and transmission power control method
12 7,206,588 Communication device and communication system
13 7,206,587 Communication terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, and radio communication method
14 7,206,553 Method and apparatus for impedance matching in an amplifier using lumped and distributed inductance
15 7,206,412 Reception terminal, key management apparatus, and key updating method for public key cryptosystem
16 7,206,395 Telephone apparatus
17 7,206,371 Transmitting and receiving apparatus capable of the suppression of the microphonic noise in digital transmission system
18 7,206,347 Image coding method and image decoding method
19 7,206,296 Transmitting device and transmitting method
20 7,206,268 Information recording medium information recording method and information recording/reproduction system
21 7,206,262 Optical disk recording/reproducing device
22 7,206,217 Non-volatile flip flop
23 7,206,195 Display and remote controller including display
24 7,206,185 Capacitor device and fabricating method thereof
25 7,206,181 Latch device
26 7,206,157 Systems and methods for two-step self-servowriting using optimal intermediate pattern
27 7,206,148 Variable frequency chevron in printed media reference pattern to improve servo demodulation
28 7,206,139 Zoom lens system and lens barrel having the same
29 7,205,988 Display device
30 7,205,945 Antenna and electronic device using the same
31 7,205,851 Semiconductor integrated circuit having a clock generation circuit
32 7,205,843 Protection circuit for power amplifier
33 7,205,783 Semiconductor integrated circuit, and electrostatic withstand voltage test method and apparatus therefor
34 7,205,745 Portable power source system
35 7,205,723 Electrodeless discharge lamp
36 7,205,684 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for designing the same
37 7,205,615 Semiconductor device having internal stress film
38 7,205,593 MOS image pick-up device and camera incorporating the same
39 7,205,586 Semiconductor device having SiGe channel region
40 7,205,483 Flexible substrate having interlaminar junctions, and process for producing the same
41 7,205,338 Composition for forming porous film, porous film and method for forming the same, interlevel insulator film, and semiconductor device
42 7,205,250 Plasma processing method and apparatus
43 7,205,077 Method for producing photomask and method for producing photomask pattern layout
44 7,205,061 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
45 7,204,999 Method of production of nanoparticle and nanoparticle produced by the method of production
46 7,204,939 Plasma display apparatus, fluorescent material, and fluorescent material manufacturing method
47 7,204,911 Process and apparatus for forming discrete microcavities in a filament wire using a polymer etching mask
48 7,204,816 Massaging apparatus
49 7,204,613 Projection display device
50 7,204,607 LED lamp
51 D540,842 Surveillance camera lens
52 D540,840 Camcorder
53 D540,755 Television receiver
54 D540,751 Light emitting diode module