Matsushita patents granted on 17 October 2006

48 US patents granted on 17 October 2006 and assigned to Matsushita

1 RE39,344 Method for display time stamping and synchronization of multiple video object planes
2 RE39,341 Apparatus for lighting fluorescent lamp
3 D530,472 Electric vacuum cleaner
4 D530,288 Light emitting diode module
5 D530,275 Battery charger
6 7,124,423 Disk cartridge to protect an information area of a disk from being contaminated
7 7,124,339 Scan path circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit comprising the scan path circuit
8 7,124,333 Retransmission packet structure having multiple sequence numbers
9 7,124,109 Point service system
10 7,124,085 Constraint-based speech recognition system and method
11 7,123,938 Card device, electronic apparatus, and wireless device
12 7,123,884 RF switch
13 7,123,820 Digital recording/reproducing apparatus for surveillance
14 7,123,819 Encoding/recording device that suspends encoding for video data and sampling for an audio signal in response to a recording pause instruction so as to allow data recorded before and after recording pause to be continuously reproduced
15 7,123,818 Digital video recording apparatus and method
16 7,123,815 Data playback apparatus
17 7,123,754 Face detection device, face pose detection device, partial image extraction device, and methods for said devices
18 7,123,738 Loudspeaker
19 7,123,659 Digital reception apparatus for removing distortion from received signals
20 7,123,574 Recording medium, method and apparatus for recording, and method and apparatus for reproducing
21 7,123,570 Recording/reproducing apparatus with optical path correction system
22 7,123,557 Disc-shaped recording medium disc driving device and method and apparatus for producing disc
23 7,123,556 Multi-layered information recording medium with spare defect management areas
24 7,123,553 Lens support mechanism, optical head device and optical information processor
25 7,123,510 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
26 7,123,468 Solid electrolytic capacitor and process for producing the same
27 7,123,434 System and method for perpendicularly recorded servo pattern
28 7,123,395 Optical scanner and image formation apparatus including the optical scanner
29 7,123,306 Data transmitter and data receiver
30 7,123,264 Moving image management apparatus and method
31 7,123,076 Semiconductor integrated circuit
32 7,123,073 Amplifier and frequency converter
33 7,122,980 Motor driving apparatus and motor driving method
34 7,122,963 Plasma display having a dielectric layer formed with a recessed part
35 7,122,877 Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
36 7,122,838 Solid-state imaging device
37 7,122,787 Imaging apparatus with three dimensional circuit board
38 7,122,768 Heating roller, image heating apparatus, and image forming apparatus
39 7,122,489 Manufacturing method of composite sheet material using ultrafast laser pulses
40 7,122,451 Method for fabricating a semiconductor device including exposing a group III-V semiconductor to an ammonia plasma
41 7,122,278 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
42 7,122,274 Receptacle for battery-using equipment
43 7,122,111 Sample discriminating method
44 7,122,009 Sphygmomanometer and sphygmomanometer storage case
45 7,121,831 Balance practicing machine
46 7,121,726 Fluid bearing device
47 7,121,154 Load sensor having hourglass-shaped coil spring
48 7,120,996 Component mounting apparatus having component supply tables provided on opposite sides of a component transfer path