Matsushita patents granted on 18 September 2007

42 US patents granted on 18 September 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 7,272,856 Decryption device
2 7,272,812 Semiconductor designing apparatus using sub-circuit recognizer
3 7,272,811 Automatic layout method of semiconductor integrated circuit
4 7,272,772 Data recording method, recording medium and reproduction apparatus
5 7,272,423 Clamshell portable wireless terminal with an upper housing and a lower housing joined together with a rotating hinge
6 7,272,301 Reproduction apparatus, reproduction method, recording apparatus, recording method, AV data switching method, output apparatus, and input apparatus
7 7,272,299 Data conversion apparatus, data coding apparatus, and data recording apparatus
8 7,272,229 Digital work protection system, key management apparatus, and user apparatus
9 7,272,187 Filter circuit and radio apparatus
10 7,272,127 Partner node migration control unit and method
11 7,272,105 Method and apparatus for recording optical information, and optical disk
12 7,272,104 Optical recording medium having dual information surfaces
13 7,272,101 Objective lens, optical head and optical information recording/reproducing apparatus
14 7,272,099 Exposure apparatus of an optical disk master, method of exposing an optical disk master and pinhole mechanism
15 7,272,095 Optical data recording method
16 7,272,055 Method and apparatus for timing adjustment
17 7,271,962 Two-dimensional image formation apparatus
18 7,271,930 Printer unit
19 7,271,845 Camera-equipped cellular telephone
20 7,271,834 Imaging device chip having transistors of same conductivity type and image pickup system
21 7,271,816 Display apparatus, display method, and display apparatus controller
22 7,271,808 Image display control method and image display control apparatus
23 7,271,746 Encoding data generation method and device
24 7,271,745 Resampling detection apparatus, resampling detection method, resampling apparatus, and resampling method
25 7,271,734 Remote control transmitter
26 7,271,670 CR oscillation circuit
27 7,271,652 Differential amplifier and operational amplifier
28 7,271,648 Ladder filter, analog equalizer and signal readout system
29 7,271,556 Method and apparatus for estimating rotor position of switched reluctance motor, and method and apparatus for sensorless control of switched reluctance motor
30 7,271,538 Plasma display panel having a reduced impurity gas content
31 7,271,516 Stepping motor for generating vibration
32 7,271,449 Semiconductor device having triple-well structure
33 7,271,441 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
34 7,271,414 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
35 7,270,774 Phosphor having resistance to deterioration caused by ultraviolet rays, and gas discharge display device of which image quality is not readily deteriorated over time
36 7,270,585 Plasma display panel and its aging method
37 7,270,463 Area light source device and liquid crystal display apparatus including the same
38 7,270,132 Washer
39 D551,210 Speaker for an automobile
40 D551,209 Speaker for an automobile
41 D551,167 Motor
42 D551,044 Electric drill driver