Matsushita patents granted on 19 August 2008

34 US patents granted on 19 August 2008 and assigned to Matsushita

1 7,415,321 Robot controller
2 7,415,192 Recording medium, recording method, reproduction apparatus and method, and computer-readable program
3 7,415,188 Method and apparatus for recording/reproduction
4 7,415,039 Data transmitting apparatus, data receiving apparatus and data transmission control apparatus
5 7,415,000 Data transmission apparatus and data transmission method
6 7,414,949 Semiconductor laser device and optical pickup device
7 7,414,946 Recording medium, recording method, reproduction method, recording apparatus and reproduction apparatus
8 7,414,936 Recordable optical disc, optical disc recording apparatus, optical disc reproduction apparatus, and method for recording data onto recordable optical disc
9 7,414,924 Magneto-optical recording medium having watermark for preventing unauthorized copy
10 7,414,901 Method and apparatus for timing adjustment
11 7,414,826 Method for selecting electrolytic solution for electric double layer capacitor
12 7,414,801 Lens barrel and image pickup device including lens barrel
13 7,414,682 Liquid crystal display unit and production method thereof
14 7,414,670 Video signal output apparatus
15 7,414,654 Analog circuit for processing output signal of image sensor and imaging apparatus using the same
16 7,414,608 Image display apparatus and image display method
17 7,414,512 Operating device, position-switching device, and magneto-optical recording/reproducing apparatus
18 7,414,495 Coupled FBAR filter
19 7,414,457 Bias voltage generating circuit
20 7,414,358 Fluorescent lamp and manufacturing method for arc tube
21 7,414,356 Cathode structure including barrier for preventing metal bridging from heater to emitter
22 7,414,349 Piezoelectric vibrator, filter using the same and its adjusting method
23 7,414,323 Tab tape and method of manufacturing the same
24 7,414,261 Ballistic semiconductor device
25 7,414,228 High frequency heating apparatus
26 7,414,227 High frequency heating device with steam generating function
27 7,414,201 Transmission line pair
28 7,414,004 Gas diffusion layer, electrode and membrane electrode assembly for fuel cell, and production methods thereof
29 7,413,949 Capacitor and method for fabricating the same
30 7,413,843 Sulfonamide compound, polymer compound, resist material and pattern formation method
31 7,413,841 Toner, process for producing the same, two-component developing agent and method of image formation
32 7,413,826 Anode electrodes for direct oxidation fuel cells and systems operating with concentrated liquid fuel
33 7,413,791 Poly (phenylene ether) resin composition, prepreg, and laminated sheet
34 7,413,333 Lighting apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus