Matsushita patents granted on 19 February 2008

41 US patents granted on 19 February 2008 and assigned to Matsushita

1 RE40,080 Video coding method and decoding method and devices thereof
2 D562,473 Light emitting diode lamp unit
3 D562,373 Digital still camera
4 D562,032 Television set stand
5 7,334,238 Optical disc device having fixing parts for directly fixing a frame of the optical disk device to an electronic device
6 7,334,210 Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of designing the same
7 7,333,949 Apparatus and a method for outputting control information
8 7,333,841 Method and device for calculating a biological component density of a subject
9 7,333,789 Wide-band modulation PLL, timing error correction system of wide-band modulation PLL, modulation timing error correction method and method for adjusting radio communication apparatus having wide-band modulation PLL
10 7,333,780 Polar modulation transmission apparatus and radio communication apparatus
11 7,333,721 Data output apparatus
12 7,333,713 Information recording apparatus and method, and information recording medium on which information is recorded by using them
13 7,333,666 Digital map shape vector encoding method and position information transfer method
14 7,333,656 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
15 7,333,582 Two-point frequency modulation apparatus, wireless transmitting apparatus, and wireless receiving apparatus
16 7,333,576 Digital demodulation device and synchronization detecting method
17 7,333,439 Sending/receiving method, and device for the same
18 7,333,405 Optical disk device and information recording/reproducing method
19 7,333,368 Semiconductor memory device
20 7,333,318 Multilayer capacitor and mold capacitor
21 7,333,193 Analysis apparatus irradiating detection light and reading state of analysis object
22 7,333,186 Method and device for measuring biological information
23 7,333,147 Image pickup device with a three-dimensional circuit board and device assembly method
24 7,333,079 Organic EL display and active matrix substrate
25 7,333,056 Adaptive antenna radio communication device
26 7,332,969 Output offset protection for power amplifier
27 7,332,907 Semiconductor device having a connection inspecting circuit for inspecting connections of power source terminals and grounding terminals
28 7,332,866 Arc tube and low-pressure mercury lamp that can be reduced in size
29 7,332,754 Semiconductor switch
30 7,332,717 Infrared sensor and infrared sensor array
31 7,332,446 Composition for forming porous film, porous film and method for forming the same, interlevel insulator film and semiconductor device
32 7,332,250 Photomask
33 7,332,244 Battery module
34 7,332,000 Method of producing gel negative electrode for alkaline battery and apparatus for producing the same
35 7,331,928 Ultrasonic doppler bloodstream measurement device
36 7,331,844 Polishing method
37 7,331,843 Substrate polishing method and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
38 7,331,724 Camera-equipped portable device
39 7,331,468 Device for separating fine solid components, method of manufacturing the device, and method of separating fine solid components using the device
40 7,331,306 Plasma processing method and apparatus
41 7,331,103 Magazine, tray component feeding device, and component mounting device