Matsushita patents granted on 20 June 2006

43 US patents granted on 20 June 2006 and assigned to Matsushita

1 D523,586 Electric shaver
2 D523,584 Depilator
3 D523,422 Speaker for an automobile
4 D523,417 Speaker for an automobile
5 7,065,782 Digital broadcasting system, digital broadcasting apparatus, and receiver apparatus for digital broadcasts
6 7,065,776 Optical data recording medium and manufacturing method for the same, and a method for clamping the optical data recording medium
7 7,065,690 Fault detecting method and layout method for semiconductor integrated circuit
8 7,065,648 Mutual authentication method, recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus, and recording medium
9 7,065,576 Dynamic multicast grouping for vehicles and other mobile objects
10 7,065,503 Cookie data stored on transportable recording medium
11 7,065,460 Apparatus and method for inspecting semiconductor device
12 7,065,338 Method, device and program for coding and decoding acoustic parameter, and method, device and program for coding and decoding sound
13 7,065,332 Remote control receiving system
14 7,065,320 Satellite signal receiver
15 7,065,221 Speaker apparatus
16 7,065,212 Data hiding in communication
17 7,065,097 Program information transmission apparatus that transits program information at a constant rate through a cycle
18 7,065,035 Optical multilayer disk, multiwavelength light source, and optical system using them
19 7,065,029 Signal processor
20 7,065,013 Optical disk apparatus
21 7,064,945 Capacitive load driving circuit and liquid crystal display
22 7,064,919 Disk storage apparatus
23 7,064,898 Optoelectronic device
24 7,064,880 Projector and projection method
25 7,064,775 Camera with image recording mode switching function
26 7,064,716 Integrated antenna type non-contact IC card reader/writer
27 7,064,696 Current drive circuit, light emitting element drive circuit and digital-analog converter
28 7,064,652 Multimodal concierge for secure and convenient access to a home or building
29 7,064,643 Multi-phasemagnetic element and production method therefor
30 7,064,517 Motor driving apparatus for use in a dishwasher
31 7,064,494 Discharge lamp operating apparatus and self-ballasted electrodeless discharge lamp
32 7,064,490 Compact self-ballasted electrodeless discharge lamp and electrodeless-discharge-lamp lighting device
33 7,064,488 Easily-assembled compact self-ballasted fluorescent lamp
34 7,064,471 Surface acoustic wave device, method of manufacturing the device, and electronic component using the device and method
35 7,064,468 Brush-less motor using vernier structure
36 7,064,401 Thin film piezoelectric element, method of manufacturing the same, and actuator
37 7,064,359 Switching semiconductor device and switching circuit
38 7,064,351 Circuit array substrate
39 7,063,929 Binding resin for toner, toner and electrophotographic apparatus
40 7,063,876 Information recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
41 7,063,584 Method of manufacturing gas discharge display panel, support table, and method of manufacturing support table
42 7,063,407 Piezoelectric actuator, method for manufacturing the same, ink jet head, and ink jet recording apparatus
43 7,063,017 Printing plate and plate making method