Matsushita patents granted on 21 August 2007

51 US patents granted on 21 August 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 RE39,785 System for optically transmitting frequency-division-multiplexed signal and transmitter therefor
2 D549,221 Remote controller for semiconductor memory card player
3 D549,194 Television set
4 D549,039 Induction heating cooker
5 7,260,786 Display control device and method
6 7,260,720 Device authentication system and method for determining whether a plurality of devices belong to a group
7 7,260,683 Semiconductor integrated circuit
8 7,260,676 Optical disc recording/reproducing method and recording/reproducing apparatus
9 7,260,582 Information recording apparatus, method, information reproduction apparatus, and method
10 7,260,541 Audio signal decoding device and audio signal encoding device
11 7,260,540 Encoding device, decoding device, and system thereof utilizing band expansion information
12 7,260,450 Apparatus and method for controlling elastic actuator
13 7,260,317 AV data recording apparatus and method, and disk recorded by the same
14 7,260,311 Apparatus, method, program and recording medium for program recording and reproducing
15 7,260,223 Data transfer system
16 7,260,128 Semiconductor laser device, semiconductor laser system, optical pickup module and manufacturing for semiconductor laser system
17 7,260,048 Object lens for optical pickup and method for designing the same
18 7,260,041 Disk drive
19 7,260,035 Recording/playback device
20 7,260,030 Optical disk apparatus and pickup control unit/method
21 7,260,016 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and writing method therefor
22 7,260,009 Semiconductor integrated circuit
23 7,259,989 Non-volatile memory device
24 7,259,973 Semiconductor apparatus for controlling a switching power supply
25 7,259,931 Slider design for high fly write immunity
26 7,259,819 Liquid crystal display device with a bridge wiring member with an electric field weaker than that created in minute domains above the pixel electrode
27 7,259,782 Transferring apparatus and remote control system
28 7,259,709 Pipeline A/D converter
29 7,259,648 Multiple choke coil and electronic equipment using the same
30 7,259,642 Antenna control unit and phased-array antenna
31 7,259,638 Voltage controlled oscillator and semiconductor integrated circuit for communication
32 7,259,599 Semiconductor device
33 7,259,498 Piezoelectric resonator, filter, and duplexer
34 7,259,495 Conductive polymer actuator
35 7,259,483 Linear driving mechanism of electronic components mounting apparatus
36 7,259,432 Semiconductor device for reducing parasitic capacitance produced in the vicinity of a transistor located within the semiconductor device
37 7,259,418 Semiconductor device including a MISFET and a MIS capacitor
38 7,259,403 Card-type LED illumination source
39 7,259,394 Solid-state imaging device
40 7,259,389 Organic electronic device and method for manufacturing the same
41 7,258,720 Metal powder composition for use in selective laser sintering
42 7,258,704 Hydrogen generator and fuel cell system having the same
43 7,258,577 Memory pack
44 7,258,549 Connection member and mount assembly and production method of the same
45 7,258,462 Backlight unit including curved fluorescent lamp, and liquid crystal display apparatus including the backlight unit
46 7,258,379 Laminated-type multi-joint portion drive mechanism and manufacturing method therefor, grasping hand and robot arm provided with the same
47 7,258,291 Destructive device, foam gas collecting device, and foam gas separating and collecting system
48 7,258,162 Heat exchanger
49 7,258,126 Dishwasher
50 7,258,027 Device for detecting absolute rotation angle and torque
51 7,257,852 Suction unit for use in an electric vacuum cleaner and electric vacuum cleaner employing same