Matsushita patents granted on 21 March 2006

55 US patents granted on 21 March 2006 and assigned to Matsushita

1 7,017,163 Method, server, and client used in client-server distributed system
2 7,017,135 Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit utilizing a scan test function
3 7,016,992 Electronic mail system
4 7,016,970 System for transmitting stream data from server to client based on buffer and transmission capacities and delay time of the client
5 7,016,924 Contactless IC card, responding method, and program therefor
6 7,016,840 Method and apparatus for synthesizing speech and method apparatus for registering pitch waveforms
7 7,016,718 Medical laser apparatus and diagnostic/treatment apparatus using the medical laser apparatus
8 7,016,691 Mobile telecommunications system and a mobile telecommunications control method
9 7,016,681 Mobile communication device and data communication method using the same
10 7,016,597 Information recording medium and system controller
11 7,016,590 Wiring device for optical fiber
12 7,016,544 Digital image encoding and decoding method and digital image encoding and decoding device using the same
13 7,016,423 Driver circuit and data communication device
14 7,016,411 Image signal coding method, image signal coding apparatus and storage medium
15 7,016,281 Optical disc, its recording method, its recording device, its reproducing method, and its reproducing device
16 7,016,276 Information recording medium information recording method and information recording/reproduction system
17 7,016,247 Semiconductor memory apparatus
18 7,016,186 Portable information processing apparatus
19 7,016,133 Systems for detecting multiple occurrences of a SAM pattern to thereby improve servo-demodulation robustness
20 7,015,965 CCD imaging apparatus applicable to a multi-frame rate image system
21 7,015,932 System for designing visual information to be displayed on monitor unit used in combination with programmable controller
22 7,015,923 Apparatus for painting figure
23 7,015,922 Image display method and portable terminal for displaying selected image
24 7,015,917 Curved surface subdivision apparatus
25 7,015,881 Plasma display paired addressing
26 7,015,783 Coil component and method of manufacturing the same
27 7,015,767 Function generator and temperature compensated crystal oscillator
28 7,015,759 AGC circuit
29 7,015,655 Electronic ballast for a high intensity discharge lamp
30 7,015,612 Brushless motor including thrust bearing
31 7,015,588 Semiconductor device
32 7,015,575 LSI package
33 7,015,564 Capacitive element and semiconductor memory device
34 7,015,554 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
35 7,015,522 Solid-state image sensor
36 7,015,438 Induction heater
37 7,015,258 Ink composition for ink jet recording, ink cartridge containing the ink composition, and recording apparatus using the ink composition
38 7,015,139 Two-dimensionally arrayed quantum device
39 7,014,940 High-polymer electrolyte fuel cell
40 7,014,916 Transparent touch panel
41 7,014,904 Optical information recording medium and method for manufacturing the medium
42 7,014,798 Method for manufacturing an optical pickup
43 7,014,725 Multilayer ceramic electronic component manufacturing method including a sintered adhesive layer with a resin and inorganic powder
44 7,014,666 Rechargeable battery
45 7,014,522 Display panel and manufacturing method for the same including improved bonding agent application method
46 7,014,366 Fluid dynamic bearing and magnetic disk apparatus
47 7,014,350 Illumination unit and liquid crystal display comprising it
48 7,014,316 Optical lens with marking and manufacturing method thereof
49 7,014,092 Bump forming apparatus for charge appearance semiconductor substrate, charge removal method for charge appearance semiconductor substrate, charge removing unit for charge appearance semiconductor substrate, and charge appearance semiconductor substrate
50 7,013,561 Method for producing a capacitor-embedded circuit board
51 RE39,029 Magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus with the recording/reproducing heads preceding the erasing heads
52 D517,589 Surveillance camera controller
53 D517,534 Capacitor microphone
54 D517,533 Speaker
55 D517,523 Combined radio tuner, tape recorder, digital audio disk recorder and digital video disk player