Matsushita patents granted on 22 April 2008

37 US patents granted on 22 April 2008 and assigned to Matsushita

1 RE40,261 Apparatus and method of partially transferring data through bus and bus master control device
2 RE40,256 Communication system
3 RE40,255 Communication system
4 D567,446 Electric hair clipper
5 D567,235 Portable computer
6 D567,227 Remote controller for semiconductor memory card player
7 7,363,642 Optical disc and remote control device
8 7,363,622 Remote program downloading system
9 7,363,151 Map error information obtaining system and map error information obtaining method
10 7,363,125 Tracking system and autonomous mobile unit
11 7,363,014 Transmitting apparatus and radio communication apparatus
12 7,362,935 Dual wavelength semiconductor laser source for optical pickup
13 7,362,877 Electric acoustic converter and electronic device using the same
14 7,362,824 Modulation method and radio communication system
15 7,362,813 Communication system
16 7,362,807 Motion vector coding method and motion vector decoding method
17 7,362,785 Semiconductor laser apparatus and production method thereof
18 7,362,726 Support of guaranteed bit-rate traffic for uplink transmissions
19 7,362,674 Defect detection apparatus
20 7,362,667 Optical information reproduction method and apparatus
21 7,362,664 Optical disk medium and method and apparatus for reading information
22 7,362,419 Range image sensor
23 7,362,378 Method of edge based pixel location and interpolation
24 7,362,271 Antenna apparatus, communication apparatus, and antenna apparatus designing method
25 7,362,186 Phase-locked loop circuit and data reproduction apparatus
26 7,362,172 Variable gain circuit
27 7,362,142 Current source apparatus, light-emitting-device apparatus and digital-analog converting apparatus
28 7,362,061 Gate driver, motor driving device including the gate driver, and apparatus equipped with the motor driving device
29 7,361,947 Photoelectric conversion element and display device including the same
30 7,361,932 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
31 7,361,456 Method of manufacturing master disk, apparatus of manufacturing master disk, method of detecting moving distance difference of master disk, and apparatus of detecting moving distance difference of master disk
32 7,361,436 Pattern formation method
33 7,361,421 Lubricant, magnetic recording medium and production method of magnetic recording medium
34 7,361,220 Method of manufacturing group III nitride single crystal, device used for the method and group III nitride single crystal obtained by the method
35 7,360,691 Secure device and mobile terminal which carry out data exchange between card applications
36 7,360,449 Ultrasonic fluid measurement instrument having a plurality of split channels formed by partition boards
37 7,360,396 Gas sensor and fuel cell system and automobile employing the same