Matsushita patents granted on 23 January 2007

47 US patents granted on 23 January 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 D535,788 Electric hair clipper
2 7,168,073 Program distribution system for discarding program on reception terminal side
3 7,168,004 Technique for testability of semiconductor integrated circuit
4 7,167,899 Web-content aware automatic call transfer system and process for mobile users and operators
5 7,167,841 Content distributing system, content distributing service server, and community site server
6 7,167,828 Multimode speech coding apparatus and decoding apparatus
7 7,167,735 Concentration measuring instrument, and method of measuring the concentration of a specific component in a subject of measurement
8 7,167,676 Base station device, mobile station device and transmission power controlling method
9 7,167,638 Data storage medium and apparatus and method for reproducing the data from the same
10 7,167,637 Data storage medium, and apparatus and method for reproducing the data from the same
11 7,167,591 Image encoding method and image decoding method
12 7,167,560 Partial encryption of stream-formatted media
13 7,167,559 Information security device, exponentiation device, modular exponentiation device, and elliptic curve exponentiation device
14 7,167,520 Transcoder
15 7,167,505 Radio receiving apparatus and radio receiving method
16 7,167,449 Communication terminal device, method, program, recording medium, and integrated circuit for use in communication network system
17 7,167,438 Optical disc with different wobble patterns in different grooves
18 7,167,436 Optical recording medium having servo area and groove section
19 7,167,387 Variable resistance element, method of manufacturing the element, memory containing the element, and method of driving the memory
20 7,167,382 Semiconductor device
21 7,167,337 Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus including an idler mounted on a main chassis
22 7,167,335 Systems for variable multi-pass servowriting and self-servowriting
23 7,167,092 Abnormality detector and information apparatus using the same
24 7,167,068 Transformer
25 7,167,055 Voltage level detector for power amplifier protection control
26 7,167,033 Data retaining circuit
27 7,167,028 Voltage detection circuit, power supply unit and semiconductor device
28 7,166,975 Apparatus and method for driving the multiphase motor using the magnetic pole position detector
29 7,166,972 Vertical deflection apparatus
30 7,166,908 Optical device
31 7,166,884 Method for fabricating semiconductor device and semiconductor device
32 7,166,824 High-frequency heating apparatus and control method thereof
33 7,166,811 Lever switch assembly for a vehicle
34 7,166,810 Switching device and remote control transmitter using the switching device
35 7,166,538 Method for fabricating semiconductor device
36 7,166,418 Sulfonamide compound, polymer compound, resist material and pattern formation method
37 7,166,391 Cobalt compound for use in alkaline storage battery, method for manufacturing the same, and positive electrode plate of alkaline storage battery employing the same
38 7,166,390 Battery module, and rechargeable battery for constituting the battery module
39 7,166,385 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery assembly
40 7,166,352 Impact-resistant film for flat display panel, and flat display panel
41 7,166,018 Apparatus and method for feeding slurry
42 7,165,846 Dichroic mirror and projection-type display unit
43 7,165,560 Etching method, etching apparatus, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
44 7,165,457 Pressure sensitive sensor, object detecting device and opening, attachment structure thereof and opening-and-closing device
45 7,165,341 Hair dryer with minus ion generator
46 7,165,318 Components placing apparatus
47 7,165,315 Method for fabricating a resistor