Matsushita patents granted on 23 May 2006

58 US patents granted on 23 May 2006 and assigned to Matsushita

1 7,051,358 Data transmission in non-reliable networks
2 7,051,347 Method of producing optical recording medium by transfer process using a stamper, and optical recording medium produced thereby
3 7,051,346 Disk drive apparatus having particular clamping device
4 7,051,254 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for designing a semiconductor integrated circuit device
5 7,051,214 Information processing system having fortified password function and method thereof
6 7,051,110 Data reception/playback method and apparatus and data transmission method and apparatus for providing playback control functions
7 7,051,057 General-purpose functional circuit and general-purpose unit for programmable controller
8 7,050,979 Apparatus and method for converting a spoken language to a second language
9 7,050,870 Reproduction apparatus and music delivery system
10 7,050,838 Portable terminal device with power saving information processing
11 7,050,821 Digital radio communications apparatus
12 7,050,701 Information recording medium, information recording/reproducing method, and information recording/reproducing device
13 7,050,676 Optical signal encoding apparatus and decoding apparatus
14 7,050,644 Coding method and apparatus for input image data and a recording medium performing such method
15 7,050,634 Method, program product, and device for detecting branch point of random line pattern
16 7,050,623 Method and apparatus for component recognition
17 7,050,601 Voice coil of speaker
18 7,050,600 Speaker system, mobile terminal device, and electronic device
19 7,050,525 Frequency synthesizer apparatus equipped with fraction part control circuit, communication apparatus, frequency modulator apparatus, and frequency modulating method
20 7,050,502 Method and apparatus for motion vector detection and medium storing method program directed to the same
21 7,050,488 Communication terminal apparatus and base station apparatus
22 7,050,472 Semiconductor laser device and method for manufacturing the same
23 7,050,433 Address management apparatus and address management method
24 7,050,386 Optical recording medium and misalignment measuring instrument
25 7,050,347 Semiconductor memory
26 7,050,189 Network print system including memory server and printer
27 7,050,099 Solid-state image pickup apparatus
28 7,050,022 Display and its driving method
29 7,050,016 Matching unit and receiver apparatus using the same
30 7,049,969 Liquid detection sensor and liquid detection apparatus
31 7,049,939 Power line carrier system
32 7,049,928 Resistor and method of manufacturing the same
33 7,049,925 Linear actuator
34 7,049,867 PLL circuit and image display device
35 7,049,812 Magnetic field sensor having memory element
36 7,049,768 High intensity discharge lamps with electronic control of dimming
37 7,049,763 Electrodeless low-pressure discharge lamp operating device and self-ballasted electrodeless fluorescent lamp
38 7,049,749 Discharge lamp, method for producing the same and lamp unit
39 7,049,735 Incandescent bulb and incandescent bulb filament
40 7,049,684 Lead frame and method of producing the same, and resin-encapsulated semiconductor device and method of producing the same
41 7,049,681 Bipolar transistor device having phosphorous
42 7,049,679 Capacitor and production method therefor
43 7,049,564 Induction heating device
44 7,049,563 Induction cooker with heating coil and electrical conductor
45 7,049,559 Flexible PTC heating element and method of manufacturing the heating element
46 7,049,257 Low thermal expansion materials
47 7,049,198 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
48 7,048,360 Piezoelectric body, manufacturing method thereof, piezoelectric element having the piezoelectric body, inject head, and inject type recording device
49 7,048,172 Viscous fluid transfer apparatus and transfer method, electronic component mounting apparatus and mounting method, and semiconductor device
50 7,047,635 Connecting material and connecting method
51 7,047,632 Method of mounting electronic components
52 7,047,629 Method of manufacturing circuit board
53 7,047,593 Vacuum cleaner capable of compressing dirt
54 D521,684 Hair trimmer
55 D521,503 Television antenna
56 D521,498 Speaker
57 D521,497 Speaker box
58 D521,488 Digital video disc player for an automobile