Matsushita patents granted on 23 September 2008

17 US patents granted on 23 September 2008 and assigned to Matsushita

1 D577,431 Ceiling ventilating fan
2 D577,252 Coffee maker
3 7,428,574 Device cooperation service system and electronic devices included in the system
4 7,428,404 Communication apparatus with external activation of communications link
5 7,428,217 Mobile communication device, mobile router, and mobile communication system
6 7,428,202 Write-once read-many information recording medium, information recording method, information reproduction method, information recording apparatus, and information reproduction apparatus
7 7,428,195 Information reproduction apparatus and information reproduction method
8 7,428,008 Video imaging device, video conversion device, and video edition device
9 7,427,982 Touch panel and electronic equipment using the same
10 7,427,899 Apparatus and method for operating a variable segment oscillator
11 7,427,851 Capacitor unit
12 7,427,841 Driving method and driver of brushless DC motor
13 7,427,729 Image heating device and image forming device
14 7,427,717 Flexible printed wiring board and manufacturing method thereof
15 7,427,522 Short-wavelength laser module and method of producing the same
16 7,427,022 Ticket management system, terminal device, ticket management server, register device, value conversion method, computer program, and recording medium
17 7,426,931 Dishwasher