Matsushita patents granted on 24 April 2007

50 US patents granted on 24 April 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 7,210,152 Optical head and optical recording medium drive
2 7,210,150 Optical disk driving apparatus capable of detecting overlapped disc insertion
3 7,210,108 Structure of power supply path utilized in design of integrated circuit
4 7,210,017 Information processing apparatus, memory, information processing method, and program
5 7,209,993 Apparatus and method for interrupt control
6 7,209,881 Preparing acoustic models by sufficient statistics and noise-superimposed speech data
7 7,209,858 Precision position determining method
8 7,209,803 Article handling system and method and article management system and method
9 7,209,746 Apparatus and method for wireless video and audio transmission utilizing a minute-power level wave
10 7,209,715 Power amplifying method, power amplifier, and communication apparatus
11 7,209,704 Wireless headphone apparatus and wireless headphone system
12 7,209,646 Encoding/recording device that suspends encoding for video data and sampling for an audio signal in response to a recording pause instruction so as to allow data recorded before and after recording pause to be continuously reproduced
13 7,209,643 Recording apparatus and method, playback apparatus and method, recording medium, program, and computer-readable recording medium
14 7,209,634 Data processing method, data processing apparatus, and program recording medium
15 7,209,632 Digital broadcast recording/viewing support apparatus
16 7,209,570 Speaker
17 7,209,555 Elliptic curve converting device, elliptic curve converting method, elliptic curve utilization device and elliptic curve generating device
18 7,209,520 Moving picture encoding method and moving picture decoding method
19 7,209,480 Base station apparatus, mobile terminal apparatus and wireless access system using the apparatuses
20 7,209,427 Optical pickup with reduced size
21 7,209,422 Optical disc recording method and optical disc reproducing method
22 7,209,412 Optical head and optical disk drive unit therewith
23 7,209,411 Method of manufacturing optical head
24 7,209,355 Cooling device and an electronic apparatus including the same
25 7,209,342 Electric double layer capacitor
26 7,209,316 Magnetic recording/reproducing device including a tape pull-out member having a projection for contacting a ramp surface
27 7,209,315 Magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
28 7,209,182 False contour correcting apparatus and method
29 7,209,098 Plasma display panel aging method and aging device
30 7,209,083 Radio-frequency device
31 7,209,059 Decoding method and encoding method
32 7,209,019 Switch
33 7,208,985 Semiconductor device for controlling switching power supply
34 7,208,915 Constant-current battery charger
35 7,208,833 Electronic circuit device having circuit board electrically connected to semiconductor element via metallic plate
36 7,208,811 Photo-detecting device
37 7,208,690 Rotary electronic component and method of manufacturing the same
38 7,208,689 Switch
39 7,208,430 Glass composition for covering electrodes and glass paste containing the same
40 7,208,408 Method for fabricating a dual damascene contact in an insulating film having density gradually varying in the thickness direction
41 7,208,254 Binding resin for toner, toner and electrophotographic apparatus
42 7,208,102 Plasma display unit, phosphor and process for producing phosphor
43 7,207,956 Massage machine
44 7,207,944 Blood pressure monitor
45 7,207,858 Method for manufacturing plasma display panel
46 D541,276 Reinforcement member for optical storage media
47 D541,235 Television receiver
48 D541,231 Radiator
49 D541,214 Charger
50 D541,102 Automatic bread maker