Matsushita patents granted on 24 January 2006

34 US patents granted on 24 January 2006 and assigned to Matsushita

1 6,990,679 Program surf grid
2 6,990,627 Digital radio communication system for communicating M-ary modulated error detection units
3 6,990,595 Data processing apparatus
4 6,990,565 Address conversion apparatus, address conversion method and computer program
5 6,990,289 Recording/reproducing method suitable for recording/reproducing AV data on/from disc, recorder and reproducer for the method, information recording disc and information processing system
6 6,990,286 Reproduced signal processor
7 6,990,207 Active noise control system
8 6,990,160 Reception apparatus and method
9 6,990,155 Wireless quadrature modulator transmitter using E/O and O/E connectives
10 6,990,055 Optical disc drive for controlling reproduction of an optical disc having a plurality of data layers
11 6,990,043 Semiconductor integrated circuit device having a common DRAM block accessed by a plurality of logic circuits
12 6,990,006 Non-volatile memory cell and a method of controlling the same
13 6,989,970 Rotary actuator assembly for a rotatable media data storage device
14 6,989,872 Image distortion correcting device and image distortion correcting method
15 6,989,812 Liquid crystal display unit and driving method therefor
16 6,989,742 Device and system for detecting abnormality
17 6,989,713 Predistortion circuit, low-distortion power amplifier, and control methods therefor
18 6,989,634 Magnetron cathode assembly
19 6,989,626 Piezoelectric transformer
20 6,989,625 Acoustic matching layer, ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic flowmeter
21 6,989,597 Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of manufacturing the same
22 6,989,566 High-voltage semiconductor device including a floating block
23 6,989,553 Semiconductor device having an active region of alternating layers
24 6,989,289 Electrolytic capacitor and method of producing the same
25 6,989,201 Thin film EL device
26 6,989,114 Micro-shape transcription method, micro-shape transcription apparatus, and optical-component manufacture method
27 6,988,923 Method for manufacturing fluorescent lamp using lead wire holding block
28 6,988,838 Ink jet recording apparatus
29 6,988,794 Inkjet recording ink, method for producing said ink, and ink cartridge and recording device having said ink
30 6,988,612 Device for transferring/holding sheetlike member and its method
31 6,988,584 Speaker diaphragm edge and its manufacturing method
32 6,988,563 Hammer drill
33 RE38,943 Compound objective lens for optical disks having different thicknesses
34 D513,744 Recording unit of entrance television phone system