Matsushita patents granted on 24 July 2007

54 US patents granted on 24 July 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 RE39,742 Display device and luminance control method therefor
2 RE39,741 Display device and luminance control method therefor
3 RE39,740 Display device and method of controlling its brightness
4 D547,308 Instrument panel for automobile digital audio disk player and navigation system
5 7,249,384 Copy-resistant read-only digital optical disc and adaptable player
6 7,249,364 Methods and systems for scaling and rotating an image in a single operation
7 7,249,363 Spindle motor, information recording and reproducing apparatus having a spindle motor, and manufacturing method of spindle motor
8 7,249,343 In-plane distribution data compression method, in-plane distribution measurement method, in-plane distribution optimization method, process apparatus control method, and process control method
9 7,249,334 Method for generating timing constraints of logic circuit
10 7,249,324 Electronic paper file
11 7,249,297 Test method for a semiconductor integrated circuit having a multi-cycle path and a semiconductor integrated circuit
12 7,249,194 Gateway apparatus and its controlling method
13 7,249,137 Storage-type broadcast system, transmitter and receiver
14 7,249,110 Individual authentication method, individual authentication apparatus, accounting method, accounting apparatus
15 7,249,025 Portable device for enhanced security and accessibility
16 7,248,899 Portable terminal apparatus having an improved display drive controller
17 7,248,832 Transmitting and receiving system, transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus
18 7,248,785 Apparatus and method for video/audio recording
19 7,248,780 Reproducing device, medium, information aggregate, transmitting medium, and recording medium
20 7,248,643 Distortion compensator
21 7,248,631 Method for reducing processing power requirements of a video decoder
22 7,248,606 Radio apparatus and base station apparatus
23 7,248,552 Method and apparatus for determining recording pulse parameters for an optical disc
24 7,248,548 Audio player
25 7,248,523 Static random access memory (SRAM) with replica cells and a dummy cell
26 7,248,503 Semiconductor nonvolatile storage device
27 7,248,482 Module with built-in circuit component and method for producing the same
28 7,248,461 Conducting polymer composite and solid electrolytic capacitor using the same
29 7,248,430 Magnetic recording and reproduction apparatus
30 7,248,420 Optical pickup lens device and information recording and reproducing device using the same
31 7,248,409 Optical element, optical lens, optical head apparatus, optical information apparatus, computer, optical information medium player, car navigation system, optical information medium recorder, and optical information medium server
32 7,248,245 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof, and drive control method of lighting unit
33 7,248,205 Radar apparatus
34 7,248,191 Variable-length coding method, variable-length coding device and imaging system
35 7,248,190 Variable-length encoding method, variable-length decoding method, storage medium, variable-length encoding device, variable-length decoding device, and bit stream
36 7,248,112 Hybrid distortion compensation method and hybrid distortion compensation device
37 7,248,023 Charger for lithium secondary battery and electronic apparatus including charger
38 7,248,021 Battery pack with resin integrated substrate and vent
39 7,247,925 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
40 7,247,918 MOS capacitor type semiconductor device and crystal oscillation device using the same
41 7,247,914 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
42 7,247,891 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
43 7,247,851 Imaging device and an imaging method
44 7,247,826 Optical pickup apparatus
45 7,247,514 Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
46 7,247,509 Method for manufacturing solid-state imaging devices
47 7,247,508 Semiconductor device with intermediate connector
48 7,247,409 Alkaline storage battery and hydrogen storage alloy electrode used therefor
49 7,247,178 Capacitor and method for producing the same, and circuit board with a built-in capacitor and method for producing the same
50 7,247,177 Production method for electric double-layer capacitor
51 7,246,766 Torque limiter
52 7,246,507 Air conditioner
53 7,246,430 Electronic component mounting apparatus and electronic component mounting method
54 7,246,421 Method for manufacturing surface acoustic wave device