Matsushita patents granted on 24 October 2006

53 US patents granted on 24 October 2006 and assigned to Matsushita

1 D530,581 Electric screw driver body
2 7,127,614 Justification authenticating system, personal certificate issuing system, and personal certificate
3 7,127,594 Multiprocessor system and program optimizing method
4 7,127,544 Data transfer apparatus and data transfer method
5 7,127,530 Command issuing apparatus for high-speed serial interface
6 7,127,459 Component electronic catalog
7 7,127,430 Recording medium, recorder, reproducer, cryptocommunication system and program license system
8 7,127,382 Apparatus and method for simulating production with electronic-component mounting apparatus
9 7,127,234 Radio LAN access authentication system
10 7,127,226 Twin-T dual notch filter
11 7,127,215 Transmitting/receiving switch
12 7,127,153 Host system, driving apparatus, information recording and reading method for the host system, and information recording and reading method for the driving apparatus
13 7,127,070 Loudspeaker broadcasting system and loudspeaker broadcasting apparatus
14 7,126,989 Image coding method and image decoding method
15 7,126,988 Method for coding image signals and apparatus thereof using an average target coding rate
16 7,126,905 Information recording medium and information recording/reproducing apparatus to increase recording density
17 7,126,904 Optical disk device
18 7,126,886 Magneto-optical recording medium and method for producing the same
19 7,126,883 Optical information reproducing method, optical head device, and optical information processor
20 7,126,850 Semiconductor nonvolatile memory device
21 7,126,836 Semiconductor device, system device using it, and manufacturing method of a semiconductor device
22 7,126,811 Capacitor and method for producing the same, and circuit board with a built-in capacitor and method for producing the same
23 7,126,762 Zoom lens system, imaging device, and camera
24 7,126,760 Image stabilizing zoom lens
25 7,126,650 Illumination unit and liquid crystal display apparatus comprising same
26 7,126,634 Image processing system, image pickup apparatus and image processing apparatus
27 7,126,545 Antenna unit and portable radio system comprising antenna unit
28 7,126,514 Inverter control device and inverter control method
29 7,126,430 PLL circuit
30 7,126,318 Higher order slope compensation for fixed frequency current mode switching regulators
31 7,126,301 Motor driver
32 7,126,292 Cathode-ray tube apparatus
33 7,126,252 Control method of piezoelectric actuator, position control equipment, and disk device
34 7,126,248 Motor with stator formed by assembling divided stator-members into an annular shape, and compressor incorporating the same motor
35 7,126,209 Lead frame, resin-encapsulated semiconductor device, and method of producing the same
36 7,126,208 Composition for forming porous film, porous film and method for forming the same, interlevel insulator film, and semiconductor device
37 7,126,174 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
38 7,126,170 MISFET for reducing leakage current
39 7,126,169 Semiconductor element
40 7,125,801 Method of manufacturing Group III nitride crystal substrate, etchant used in the method, Group III nitride crystal substrate, and semiconductor device including the same
41 7,125,751 Semiconductor device and method for the fabrication thereof grinding frame portion such that plural electrode constituent portions
42 7,125,744 High-frequency module and method for manufacturing the same
43 7,125,643 Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
44 7,125,642 Sulfonates, polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
45 7,125,641 Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
46 7,125,628 Battery pack with pressurized terminal plates
47 7,125,384 Ultrasonograph
48 7,125,306 Sealing method and apparatus for manufacturing high-performance gas discharge panel
49 7,125,304 Method of manufacturing plasma display panel and firing apparatus
50 7,125,303 Electrode plate and manufacturing method for the same, and gas discharge panel having electrode plate and manufacturing method for the same
51 7,125,155 Lighting device, and liquid crystal display device using the same
52 7,125,144 Illumination device and illumination method
53 7,124,511 Razor blade