Matsushita patents granted on 25 December 2007

41 US patents granted on 25 December 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 RE39,956 Communication system
2 RE39,954 Automobile on-board and/or portable telephone system
3 RE39,952 Laser power controller and optical disk device
4 D558,399 Electric shaver
5 D558,397 Electric depilator
6 7,313,804 Broadcast program transmission/reception system, method for transmitting/receiving broadcast program, program that exemplifies the method for transmitting/receiving broadcast program, recording medium that is readable to a computer on which the program is recorded, pay broadcast program site, CM information management site, and viewer’s terminal
7 7,313,670 Data processing system and slave device
8 7,313,649 Flash memory and program verify method for flash memory
9 7,313,642 Bus bridge arbitration method
10 7,313,351 One-component type developing apparatus
11 7,313,283 Image coding apparatus
12 7,313,234 Communication device, communication system, and algorithm selection method
13 7,313,173 Correlation detection method and apparatus, transmission diversity detection method and apparatus, each method and apparatus for detection within a small time unit
14 7,313,080 Information recording medium and its production method, and optical information recording reproducing apparatus
15 7,313,077 Optical disk device and emission current adjusting method for the same
16 7,313,061 Optical pickup having a plurality of photodetectors divided into four regions used to obtain both focus and tracking error signals
17 7,313,005 PWM circuit control method
18 7,312,958 Method for manufacturing magnetic disk apparatus
19 7,312,955 Disk drive piezoelectric actuator with coupling portion extending across a slit between flexible substrates
20 7,312,953 Head suspension assembly and disk drive using the same
21 7,312,899 Apparatus and method for editing colors
22 7,312,818 Iris image pickup apparatus
23 7,312,810 Wide-angle image generating device
24 7,312,731 Variable length coding method and variable length decoding method
25 7,312,730 Variable length coding method and variable length decoding method
26 7,312,665 Oscillation control apparatus
27 7,312,661 RF power amplifier
28 7,312,650 Step-down voltage output circuit
29 7,312,649 Voltage booster power supply circuit
30 7,312,565 Color cathode ray tube apparatus
31 7,312,558 Piezoelectric element, ink jet head, angular velocity sensor, and ink jet recording apparatus
32 7,312,530 Semiconductor device with multilayered metal pattern
33 7,312,450 Infrared detecting device
34 7,312,427 High-frequency dielectric heating device and printed board with thermistor
35 7,312,423 Cooking device
36 7,312,403 Circuit component mounting device
37 7,312,392 Thermoelectric conversion device, and cooling method and power generating method using the device
38 7,312,069 Method of analyzing ligand in sample and apparatus for analyzing ligand in sample
39 7,311,742 Vacuum cleaner
40 7,311,516 Die for molding disk substrate and method of manufacturing disk substrate
41 7,311,235 Electric stapler with pencil sharpener