Matsushita patents granted on 25 September 2007

21 US patents granted on 25 September 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 7,275,161 Method, system, device and computer program for mutual authentication and content protection
2 7,274,979 Vehicle anti-theft device
3 7,274,924 Emergency report terminal device and system
4 7,274,861 Information recording medium, and apparatus and method for recording information to information recording medium
5 7,274,860 Apparatus, method, and recording medium implementing audio gap information for an audio presentation discontinuous period
6 7,274,645 Reproduction signal processing apparatus and optical disc player including the same
7 7,274,579 Converter circuit and motor driving apparatus
8 7,274,570 Electronic component mounting board, electronic component module, method of manufacturing electronic component mounting board, and communications equipment
9 7,274,527 Method for optimizing dynamic stroke in the self servo-write process
10 7,274,354 Portable electronic apparatus
11 7,274,261 Semiconductor integrated circuit
12 7,274,224 Semiconductor device and camera using same
13 7,274,161 Motor driving apparatus
14 7,274,135 Color picture tube apparatus with particular deflection yoke structure
15 7,274,116 direct-current power supply and battery-powered electronic apparatus equipped with the power supply
16 7,273,820 Method for fabricating semiconductor device
17 7,273,765 Solid-state imaging device and method for producing the same
18 7,273,505 Hydrogen generator and fuel cell power generation system
19 7,273,390 Connector assembly
20 RE39,860 Optical recording/reproducing apparatus for optical disks with various disk substrate thicknesses
21 D551,616 Battery