Matsushita patents granted on 26 August 2008

41 US patents granted on 26 August 2008 and assigned to Matsushita

1 D575,887 Lighting fixture with light emitting diode
2 D575,775 Modem
3 D575,764 Intercom
4 D575,763 Telephone base unit
5 7,418,723 Optical pickup device and optical disk record/playback device for reducing the size of the record/playback device
6 7,418,704 Program execution apparatus
7 7,418,603 Mobile terminal, circuit board, circuit board design aiding apparatus and method, design aiding program, and storage medium having stored therein design aiding program
8 7,418,532 Data transfer device, data transfer system, and data transfer method
9 7,418,511 Secured TCP/IP communication system for devices and private networks connected to the internet
10 7,418,436 Information processing apparatus, memory management apparatus, memory management method, and information processing method
11 7,418,315 Power generation system
12 7,418,247 Radio-frequency receiver
13 7,418,242 Transmission device and gain control method
14 7,418,152 Method and device of image correction
15 7,418,145 Compression device and decompression device
16 7,418,062 Image reject circuit using sigma-delta conversion
17 7,418,047 Communication apparatus using a plurality of modulation schemes and transmission apparatus composing such communication apparatus
18 7,418,019 Multi-wavelength semiconductor laser
19 7,418,005 Bus optimizing method and communication node
20 7,417,931 Information recording method, information recording apparatus and information recording medium
21 7,417,911 Semiconductor memory device having hierarchically structured data lines and precharging means
22 7,417,898 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
23 7,417,885 Data carrier system and data saving/restoring method thereof
24 7,417,815 Recording control apparatus, recording and reproduction apparatus, and recording control method
25 7,417,808 Lens unit
26 7,417,628 Liquid crystal display apparatus
27 7,417,591 Antenna apparatus and portable wireless device using the same
28 7,417,467 Semiconductor integrated circuit
29 7,417,461 Signal output circuit
30 7,417,360 Piezoelectric resonator and method for producing the same
31 7,417,304 Electronic device and method for fabricating the same
32 7,417,289 Semiconductor device having internal stress film
33 7,417,214 Solid-state image sensor, manufacturing method for solid-state image sensor, and camera having plural color filters and dual transparent film
34 7,417,186 Thermoelectric conversion material, thermoelectric conversion element using the same, and electronic apparatus and cooling device comprising the element
35 7,416,915 Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method for the same
36 7,416,807 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
37 7,416,570 Hydrogen generator and fuel cell power generation system
38 7,416,384 Electric blower and vacuum cleaner using same
39 7,416,314 Discharge lamp lighting device and illuminator
40 7,416,306 Laser projector
41 7,415,756 Magnetizing method using a magnetizing jig and method of assembling an electric compressor by using the jig and the magnetizing method