Matsushita patents granted on 26 June 2007

49 US patents granted on 26 June 2007 and assigned to Matsushita

1 D545,340 LCD video projector
2 7,237,260 Method for dynamic selection for secure and firewall friendly communication protocols between multiple distributed modules
3 7,237,247 Disc cartridge having deeper concave portion continuous with shutter opener/closer groove
4 7,237,229 Debugging aid parallel execution of a plurality of iterations with source lists display corresponding to each iteration
5 7,237,220 High level synthesis method for semiconductor integrated circuit
6 7,237,219 Design aid apparatus, design aid method, and computer-executable program
7 7,237,089 SIMD operation method and SIMD operation apparatus that implement SIMD operations without a large increase in the number of instructions
8 7,237,060 CPU-containing LSI, and optical disk device and LSI device with the same
9 7,237,029 Remote control system and home gateway apparatus
10 7,236,840 Manufacturing process developing method for semiconductor device
11 7,236,839 Audio decoder with expanded band information
12 7,236,838 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, program and recording medium
13 7,236,814 Optical member for biological information measurement, biological information calculation apparatus, biological information calculation method, computer-executable program, and recording medium
14 7,236,755 Broadcast wave receiving apparatus
15 7,236,701 Optical transmission system for performing communication using a plurality of communication lines
16 7,236,690 Event management system
17 7,236,688 Signal processing method and signal processing apparatus
18 7,236,685 Reproduction speed conversion apparatus
19 7,236,674 Optical waveguide device, coherent light source using the same and optical apparatus having the same
20 7,236,663 Display element and display device using the same
21 7,236,630 Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and image processing program
22 7,236,590 Method and apparatus for protecting data
23 7,236,531 Display apparatus displaying certain data without a program clock reference
24 7,236,522 Surveillance system and image signal processing apparatus
25 7,236,438 Method and apparatus for determining recording pulse parameters for an optical disc
26 7,236,434 Exposure apparatus of an optical disk master, method of exposing an optical disk master, and wavefront fluctuation correction mechanism
27 7,236,371 PC card
28 7,236,331 System and method to provide a ramp having a location which is transitioning from a first grade to a second grade for removing a read/write head from a media
29 7,236,308 Zoom lens system, imaging device, and camera
30 7,236,304 Imaging Device
31 7,236,158 Trackball and in-vehicle device controller using the trackball
32 7,236,147 Display device, and display method
33 7,236,073 Inductance part and electronic apparatus therewith
34 7,236,063 Broadband modulation PLL, and modulation factor adjustment method thereof
35 7,235,978 Device for measuring impedance of electronic component
36 7,235,936 Linear vibration motor
37 7,235,929 Magnetron
38 7,235,928 Gas discharge panel and manufacturing method for the same
39 7,235,915 Acoustic resonator device, filter device, manufacturing method for acoustic resonator device, and communication apparatus
40 7,235,855 Semiconductor device having a layout configuration for minimizing crosstalk
41 7,235,830 Semiconductor device and process for manufacturing the same
42 7,235,817 LED Lamp
43 7,235,313 Magneto-optical recording medium, method of manufacturing magneto-optical recording medium, method of recording on magneto-optical recording medium, and method of reproduction from magneto-optical recording medium
44 7,235,219 Method and apparatus for removing additives from thermoplastic resin composition
45 7,235,171 Hydrogen sensor, hydrogen sensor device and method of detecting hydrogen concentration
46 7,235,170 Biosensor
47 7,234,478 High frequency heating apparatus
48 7,234,352 Angular velocity senor
49 7,234,239 Hair removing device with a lotion applicator