Matsushita patents granted on 28 March 2006

47 US patents granted on 28 March 2006 and assigned to Matsushita

1 7,020,823 Error resilient coding, storage, and transmission of digital multimedia data
2 7,020,817 Method for testing semiconductor chips and semiconductor device
3 7,020,787 Microprocessor
4 7,020,664 File management apparatus and method
5 7,020,636 Storage-medium rental system
6 7,020,453 High-frequency switch circuit and mobile telecommunications terminal device using the same
7 7,020,445 Wireless base station system, and wireless transmission method
8 7,020,385 Method for information recording and apparatus therefor
9 7,020,381 Video editing apparatus and editing method for combining a plurality of image data to generate a series of edited motion video image data
10 7,020,339 Image decoding apparatus and image decoding method for decoding image data including plural image sequences, and program storage medium
11 7,020,322 Component-mounting method and component-mounting apparatus
12 7,020,302 Speaker, speaker module, and electronic equipment using the speaker module
13 7,020,301 Loudspeaker
14 7,020,288 Noise reduction apparatus
15 7,020,169 Laser diode driver with extinction ratio control
16 7,020,105 Dynamic resource allocation in packet data transfer
17 7,020,081 Stream distribution system
18 7,020,065 Optical information recording medium, and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing information thereon
19 7,020,049 Apparatus using a detected light beam power at a start of change of a magnetized state for setting a reproducing light beam
20 7,019,997 AC adapter integral-type household-power-line coupler
21 7,019,938 Head positioning method, and disk apparatus using the same
22 7,019,934 Optimization of media parameters for adverse operating conditions
23 7,019,925 Variable frequency chevron in printed media reference pattern to improve servo demodulation
24 7,019,781 Digital camera in which the processing method is changed according to focus position before the shutter is released
25 7,019,709 Antenna device
26 7,019,676 D/A converter
27 7,019,435 Surface acoustic wave device
28 7,019,427 Permanent magnet synchronous motor
29 7,019,379 Semiconductor device comprising voltage regulator element
30 7,019,375 Solid-state imaging apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
31 7,019,340 Bipolar transistor device and method for fabricating the same
32 7,019,243 Lever switch
33 7,018,890 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
34 7,018,866 Circuit component built-in module with embedded semiconductor chip and method of manufacturing
35 7,018,736 Apparatus and method for preventing loss of electrical power in a portable electronic device
36 7,018,725 Magneto-resistance effect element magneto-resistance effect memory cell, MRAM, and method for performing information write to or read from the magneto-resistance effect memory cell
37 7,018,705 Multilayer circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
38 7,018,703 Thin-laminate panels for capacitive printed-circuit boards and methods for making the same
39 7,018,545 Component separating device, method of manufacturing the device, and method of separating fine solid component by using the device
40 7,018,260 Electrode, manufacturing method thereof, and metal vapor discharge lamp
41 7,018,185 Liquid recovery method and system for compression mechanism
42 7,017,825 IC card and data processing method therefor
43 7,017,270 Reciprocation type electric shaver
44 7,017,261 Component suction device, component mounting apparatus and component mounting method
45 RE39,045 Method of manufacturing a fluorocarbon-based coating film
46 D518,082 Remote controller for surveillance camera system
47 D518,025 Speaker