Matsushita patents granted on 28 October 2008

34 US patents granted on 28 October 2008 and assigned to Matsushita

1 7,444,520 Data conversion system for protecting software against analysis and tampering
2 7,444,475 Semiconductor integrated circuit
3 7,444,391 Data terminal, data distribution system, and internet telephone system
4 7,444,125 Communications signal amplifiers having independent power control and amplitude modulation
5 7,444,065 System control apparatus for moving picture data
6 7,444,029 Image predictive coding method
7 7,443,996 Loudspeaker
8 7,443,778 Optical head device and optical information device using the same, computer, optical disk player, car navigation system, optical disk recorder, and optical disk server
9 7,443,774 Optical head and data processing apparatus including the same
10 7,443,655 Capacitor
11 7,443,605 Zoom lens, imaging device, and camera having imaging device
12 7,443,468 Liquid crystal display device
13 7,443,467 Liquid crystal display device provided with pigmented layers in a pixel
14 7,443,440 Color separator and imager
15 7,443,436 Image pickup system for preventing image darkening due to the entrance of intense light
16 7,443,365 Display unit and display method
17 7,443,320 Decoding method and encoding method
18 7,443,261 Phase modulating apparatus, communication device, mobile wireless unit, and phase modulating method
19 7,443,242 AGC circuit
20 7,443,133 Fuel cell management system and audio system provided with the management system
21 7,443,115 Apparatus and method for robot handling control
22 7,443,059 Linear actuator for both vibrating and rolling movement and electric toothbrush using the same
23 7,443,058 Actuator capable of reciprocal linear driving and rolling driving and power toothbrush using the same
24 7,443,031 Multilayer wiring structure of semiconductor device, method of producing said multilayer wiring structure and semiconductor device to be used for reliability evaluation
25 7,443,028 Imaging module and method for forming the same
26 7,443,021 Electronic component packaging structure and method for producing the same
27 7,442,913 Photocurrent amplifier circuit and optical pick-up device
28 7,442,907 Induction heating cooking device
29 7,442,893 Switch device
30 7,442,628 Semiconductor laser manufacturing method
31 7,442,470 High power output non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
32 7,442,467 Sealed battery
33 7,442,074 Wiring board and method for producing the same
34 7,441,459 Tuning-fork type transducer for angular-speed sensor, angular-speed sensor using the same transducer, and automotive vehicle using the same angular-speed sensor