Matsushita patents granted on 29 April 2008

54 US patents granted on 29 April 2008 and assigned to Matsushita

1 RE40,270 Optical amplifying device
2 D567,938 Puncture device
3 D567,837 Video camera with video disc recorder
4 D567,834 Video camera with video disc recorder
5 D567,763 Fuel cell
6 7,366,962 Interleaving/deinterleaving method and apparatus
7 7,366,733 Method and apparatus for reproducing play lists in record media
8 7,366,485 Multimode wireless transmitter and a portable wireless device using the same
9 7,366,482 Transmission device, transmission output control method, and radio communications device
10 7,366,405 Recording medium, recording method, reproduction apparatus and method, and computer-readable program
11 7,366,378 Ultrafast laser machining system and method for forming diffractive structures in optical fibers
12 7,366,320 Information-embedding apparatus, encoder, tamper-detecting apparatus, information-embedding method, tamper-detecting method, and recording medium having program recorded therein for executing both of the methods
13 7,366,268 Selective data inversion in ultra-wide band communications to eliminate line frequencies
14 7,366,241 Data reproduction apparatus and data reproduction method
15 7,366,235 UWB demodulating apparatus
16 7,366,234 Adaptive equalization apparatus and adaptive equalization method
17 7,366,080 Laser control unit, laser control circuit, and laser-power adjustment method
18 7,366,072 Optical heads device and control method of optical head
19 7,366,066 Information recording method and apparatus, information reproducing method and apparatus, information recording medium, and program storage medium with overwrite protection features limiting the possible number of rewrites
20 7,366,037 Semiconductor memory
21 7,366,007 Semiconductor memory device
22 7,365,966 Electronic device
23 7,365,962 Capacitor and method of connecting the same
24 7,365,961 Solid-electrolyte capacitor, manufacturing method thereof, and digital signal processing substrate using the solid-electrolyte capacitor
25 7,365,951 Discharge lamp lighting device, lighting system and method
26 7,365,940 Hard disk drive device, and fluid dynamic bearing spindle motor and assembling method thereof
27 7,365,799 Gradation display device
28 7,365,786 Solid state image sensing apparatus with enhanced sensitivity realized by improving linear characteristic of photodiode and its driving method
29 7,365,781 Camera apparatus and method for synchronized transfer of digital picture data and compressed digital picture data
30 7,365,776 Image pickup device
31 7,365,751 Texture processor
32 7,365,721 Projection display
33 7,365,708 Plasma display and its driving method
34 7,365,693 Antenna device, electronic apparatus and vehicle using the same antenna device
35 7,365,639 Warning apparatus, warning server, warning system, and automobile
36 7,365,633 Vehicle remote control apparatus and vehicle remote control system using the same
37 7,365,626 Magentic device
38 7,365,594 Current driver, data driver, display device and current driving method
39 7,365,590 Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus
40 7,365,566 Programmable logic circuit
41 7,365,506 Motor driving device, motor driving method, and motor apparatus
42 7,365,498 Electrodeless discharge lamp lighting device and luminaire
43 7,365,481 Field emission device with change in emission property
44 7,365,416 Multi-level semiconductor module and method for fabricating the same
45 7,365,346 Ion-implanting apparatus, ion-implanting method, and device manufactured thereby
46 7,365,302 Output impedance varying circuit
47 7,365,280 Switch and manufacturing method thereof
48 7,364,932 Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same
49 7,364,822 Photomask, method for forming the same, and method for forming pattern using the photomask
50 7,364,818 Nickel positive electrode plate and alkaline storage battery
51 7,364,815 Method of preserving fuel cell membrane electrode assembly
52 7,364,813 Ink for forming catalyst layer, and electrode and membrane-electrode assembly using the same
53 7,364,367 Optical module manufacturing method and optical module
54 7,363,815 Angular velocity sensor