Matsushita patents granted on 29 August 2006

52 US patents granted on 29 August 2006 and assigned to Matsushita

1 D527,431 Exercise device
2 D527,408 Liquid crystal video projector
3 D527,362 Digital video disc recorder
4 D527,351 Arc tube
5 D527,253 Package
6 7,100,184 Method and apparatus for rapid access of program guide information
7 7,100,176 Optical disk driving apparatus
8 7,100,136 LSI design system
9 7,100,063 Low power operation control unit and program optimizing apparatus
10 7,099,953 Video proxy server
11 7,099,694 Base station apparatus and network identifier assignment method
12 7,099,688 Combined Low-IF/direct down conversion baseband architecture for 3G GSM/WCDMA receivers
13 7,099,667 Base station search method and mobile terminal apparatus
14 7,099,635 High-efficiency modulating RF amplifier
15 7,099,570 Video signal reproduction apparatus
16 7,099,567 Video processing method and video processing apparatus
17 7,099,565 Data storage medium, and apparatus and method for reproducing the data from the same
18 7,099,564 Image recording and selective reproducing apparatus
19 7,099,495 Frequency and resolution analyzed biometric authentication method and device
20 7,099,432 X-ray inspection apparatus and X-ray inspection method
21 7,099,393 Motion vector detection apparatus for performing checker-pattern subsampling with respect to pixel arrays
22 7,099,390 Prediction apparatus, encoding apparatus, inverse prediction apparatus, decoding apparatus, and computing apparatus
23 7,099,261 Light-emitting device and optical integrated device
24 7,099,260 Objective lens for optical disk
25 7,099,256 Bi-phase mark reproduction apparatus and optical disk drive device with the same
26 7,099,245 Optical disk, and method and apparatus for reproducing information recorded in optical disk
27 7,099,244 Wobble demodulator and wobble demodulation method
28 7,099,214 Semiconductor memory device
29 7,099,197 Semiconductor memory device
30 7,099,146 Electrolyte for electrochemical capacitor and electrochemical capacitor containing the same
31 7,099,108 Systems and methods for self-servowriting with improved retry position of wedges
32 7,099,107 Systems and methods for two-step self-servowriting using per-head final pattern writing
33 7,099,105 Systems for selective multi-pass servowriting and self-servowriting
34 7,098,975 Liquid crystal display device
35 7,098,967 Receiving apparatus
36 7,098,960 Data slicer, data slicing method, and amplitude evaluation value setting method
37 7,098,940 Surveillance system for watching an object through an image
38 7,098,934 Liquid crystal display and its driving method
39 7,098,895 Optical trackball device and electronic apparatus
40 7,098,882 Bidirectional shift register shifting pulse in both forward and backward directions
41 7,098,613 High voltage deflection circuit
42 7,098,586 Method of evaluating whiteness, method of evaluating comparative whiteness, light source and luminaire
43 7,098,584 Deflection yoke
44 7,098,160 Dielectric ceramic composition and ceramic electronic component employing the same
45 7,098,154 Method for fabricating semiconductor device and semiconductor device
46 7,098,066 Charge coupled device producing method
47 7,097,932 Polymer electrolytic fuel cell and method for producing the same
48 7,097,698 Ink-jet recording ink, ink cartridge and recording device using such ink
49 7,097,529 Method for producing a high pressure discharge lamp, with sealing portion having first and second glass members
50 7,097,528 Method for producing a high pressure discharge lamp, with sealing portion having first and second glass members
51 7,097,394 Circuit board production method and circuit board production data
52 7,097,287 Ink jet device, ink jet ink, and method of manufacturing electronic component using the device and the ink